Anthony ruined this date (Part 2)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • Anthony continues his mission to find Dan true love by becoming his wingman on blind dates.
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  • RS91 media
    RS91 media  a years ago +751

    fuck. i love this awkward sketch comedy. Remember guys, after watch this, watch the bloopers. its insanely fun too. XD

  • Boo boo
    Boo boo  1 months ago

    only normie girls are uncomfortable by these questions,thats why katie was my fav

  • **ItzASpoopyScar**
    **ItzASpoopyScar**  2 months ago

    wAnNa BuY sOmE jOoLrAy?

  • Jenna Czech
    Jenna Czech  6 months ago

    I keep coming back to this video. Ahhh it's so cringy, but I love it

  • Omar Sukar
    Omar Sukar  6 months ago +1

    I feel like this is fake cause this is to cringy

  • RozzzA
    RozzzA  7 months ago

    I don't know why it reminds me of the Office

  • Default- Dog
    Default- Dog  7 months ago

    I hope my dates don't go like this

  • Deadpool 101 124
    Deadpool 101 124  8 months ago

    Are you and ean still friends

  • Arif Acıduman
    Arif Acıduman  11 months ago

    i laughed so hard

  • Nury Mykael
    Nury Mykael  11 months ago

    Dude,the first time i started watching these i was thinking is this....but it's funny! Love it.

  • fairyrach
    fairyrach  a years ago

    Could I please be one of these random people that come in and be a part of the video

  • Life With Baby D and Elia

    That Glitch 4:54

  • yoyi
    yoyi  a years ago


  • heyguys
    heyguys  a years ago

    Your videos make me laugh out loud Deadass, I’m so glad you left smosh because every singe smosh video is garbage but ur videos are funny as fuck keep it up

  • Avery Manson
    Avery Manson  a years ago

    ever been in the back of a Honda CRV? Or the front too lmao

  • Ricardo Ramirez
    Ricardo Ramirez  a years ago

    Have you ever been in the back of a Honda CR-V 🤣🙏🤣 Whoever wrote that deserves a W

  • StupidMarioBros
    StupidMarioBros  a years ago

    where to you find these people?

  • Color Me Leighzy
    Color Me Leighzy  a years ago

    The color grading in this video is amazing

  • ColinOrJames
    ColinOrJames  a years ago

    How big his bluetooth was haha!

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa  a years ago

    Great video! Had to dislike to get you to 100 dislikes. You’re welcome