Anthony ruined this date (Part 2)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • Anthony continues his mission to find Dan true love by becoming his wingman on blind dates.▸ My incredible merch: | Subscribe to validate my existence:▸ BLOOPERS FROM THIS VIDEO:▸ Watch my last video attempt: ▸ Dan Shephard -▸ Gabi Van Horn - & &▸ Stephanie Simbari - & &▸ Catie Carducci▸ Thank you so much Peter & Sam of Bad Weather Films ( for helping me shoot/edit this! Go subscribe to them because they are such sweet, sweet baby boys.My second channel▸ steaming pile of social garbage▸▸▸▸


  • RS91 media  1 years ago

    fuck. i love this awkward sketch comedy. Remember guys, after watch this, watch the bloopers. its insanely fun too. XD

  • RS91 media  1 years ago

    yes! watch the blooper guys

  • Aakriti Singal  1 years ago


  • just2good19  1 years ago

    Dude your brand of comedy is so different and original. I'm seriously diggin' your whole solo career, keep it up man. As a young teenager I followed you in Smosh and then outgrew it, but as a young adult you've gained me back as a fan and a subscriber.

  • JC  1 years ago


  • Alice Nakiri Let him do what he wants! Is his life your life? No!

  • Padildad  1 years ago

    Anthony is such a good actor. Like I know he’s just acting for the video, but it’s soooo good acting that it’s sooo hard to tell when he’s being serious or not lol. Love him tho and Dans a good actor too (If that’s really his name) <3

  • Gustavo De La Cruz  9 months ago

    Tbh I couldn't tell if the video was real or fake

  • JC  1 years ago


  • CrankThatDanandPhil  1 years ago

    I think Anthony should have his own dating show. He's a natural 😂😂

  • Teodor Gabriel  1 years ago

    Is this the idea? :) to have the awkwardest channel on YouTube?

  • Henrik Brattgård  1 years ago

    I do not mind, it pretty good!

  • Andie Valdez  1 years ago

    if it is, then he’s doing a great job

  • Hipster Potato  1 years ago

    I don't think I've ever been this uncomfortable before, but I low key like being uncomfortable watching your videos. It's reminds me that I'm still dead inside so thanks. In proud to say that I am a PADILDO

  • Pepsy  8 months ago

    tbh this kinda reminds me of Nathan fielder, it's eerily similar

  • generic username  1 years ago

    Guys! Anthony is rich! He just got 10 thousand dollars for selling some random guy fake jewelry!!

  • Anjellalo  1 years ago


  • Samsung Ferriswheel  1 years ago

    its called fraud

  • MrShaiya96  1 years ago

    "Doctors hate him"

  • Ida Stolz  1 years ago

    The way every video should start: Padildad creeping in a stalker van. I don't ever want to see anything else again.

  • delibellybutton  1 years ago

    Love the way these videos are being filmed! Gives such a chill vibe. Keep doin' you, Anthony!!