Why Black Panther’s box office success matters

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Movies spotlighting people of color are kicking ass right now.

    Read our full review of Black Panther on Vox.com: http://bit.ly/2ExE9xf

    The buzz around the Black Panther movie release should come as no surprise to anyone keeping tabs on representation in media these days. People want movies that feature people of color and their stories. But there is a dearth in the supply of films produced that do that. Vox spoke with the UCLA sociology professor Darnell Hunt about how Hollywood has progressed to diversify its characters and stories to reflect the demographics of the US. Watch this video to understand how America’s changing makeup is key to Black Panther’s early dominance at the box office.

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  • Abhisek Backup
    Abhisek Backup  11 days ago

    2:26 2040 looks good but 2050? Just saying.
    WOW! Was Black Panther so revolutionary? I watched Spiderman Homecoming that reached new heights of political correctness by altering the racial background of characters originally penned by Stan Lee. The world has seen Mandela, Luther, Obama, musicians like Kendrick Lamar and MORGAN FREEMAN. But, NO. Chadwick Boseman represents the minority in a movie based on a Black dominated Africa where there is a suppressed White population that is being killed. Huh? Don't smell Racism here.
    "1 out of every 10 major films are directed by minorities". Guess what? Talent matters, not colour. Dunkirk was criticised for having all white cast, the reason, Historical Accuracy. Even World War based video games are getting more "Politically Correct".

  • Gage Westerhouse
    Gage Westerhouse  16 days ago

    Apparently diversity= as few white men as possible.

  • LSX
    LSX  18 days ago

    Black panther is overrated.

  • Tony Satie
    Tony Satie  23 days ago

    Black people in America continue to open doors not only for themselves but for Asian Americans, Latin Americans... to creep through. I hope they appreciate the BLOOD, sweat and tears shed in their absence. BTW: I am white.

  • terry ferguson
    terry ferguson  27 days ago

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    terry ferguson  27 days ago

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  • Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano

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  • Dennis McMullen
    Dennis McMullen  2 months ago

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  • ??? ???
    ??? ???  2 months ago

    Vox is propaganda

  • Throwean Emperor
    Throwean Emperor  2 months ago

    Black panther isn't even American

  • Jeshire
    Jeshire  2 months ago

    Yet the cgi failed it for my viewing.

  • Riduch
    Riduch  3 months ago

    Ellis boyd redding of shawshank redemption though

  • CamTheExplorer chicken nugget

    I kinda hate the fact they are using such light characters for african american movies. I understand it doesn't matter, but they never use dark skinned girls, ever, even if it was about slavery or africa! It's dissapointing. In fact, look at the cover of the book and the actress. There's a difference in skin. Hollywood just doesn't like dark skin girls anymore :c People are getting super mad because this movie was "racist", but what about the other superhero movies without blacks, or with really *really* light people?

  • Mother Russia
    Mother Russia  3 months ago

    We waz Wakandans and shiet

  • insta musiclover69
    insta musiclover69  3 months ago +1

    Captain america-white
    Black panther- black
    Hulk- .....green?

  • Shubhanshu Mehra
    Shubhanshu Mehra  3 months ago

    Vox = BuzzFeed 3

  • C MSpeedster
    C MSpeedster  3 months ago

    Oh crap you morons. Black Panther was a success because half the people did not know it was a commic book hero from the 70’s so watched it thinking its something new, and the rest of us are superhero movie fans and watched it because it was bound to be a kick ass movie about the 70’s superhero we already loved and it did not disappoint. Stop trying to push your social engineering nonsense on everyone.


    I see BLACK PANTHER when I think of a superhero

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  • mike robin
    mike robin  4 months ago

    Am from Kenya in Africa and lived in Detroit for 9 years...the most racist people in USA are black Americans