Tuscaloosa Tornado - Unedited Raw Version - 4/27/11

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 27, 2011
  • This is an unedited video of the horrible Tuscaloosa Tornado of 4/27/11. We were just east of the McFarland Boulevard Exit on I 20-59. Not to be used for commercial purposes without permission. Copyright 2011, Michael Wilhelm, www.bamawx.com


  • Makeup Nerds  1 years ago

    If yโ€™all have a problem with someone praying for people in danger maybe you need to get a life. He has compassion for people unlike you people. This is coming from an atheist.

  • allen D  yesterday

    then u too are a fucking moron

  • drosh413 david  yesterday

    And a fattie obviously.. ๐Ÿท

  • pokey999991  5 hours ago

    I had to look up Tuscaloosa,AL, I -20, been through there more than once!!

  • Jon Johnson  9 hours ago

    At five minutes and 11 seconds you can hear that the tornado picked up a hi school marching band.

  • j v  12 hours ago

    this is really a contribution to our understanding of these things. he was so close. I saw things that I never saw before....the little tendrils of tornadoes were eerie.

  • Addi Berryhill  23 days ago

    I love how he called out Jesus!๐Ÿ’•

  • Debra White  3 years ago

    if the man wants to pray let him pray I would too if I was a storm chaser

  • @kris4408 So that is why we need to put more people in jail for thinking to keep government small

  • kris4408  12 days ago

    I would pray for them people to tornados is a part of life but god still wants us to pray to keep people safe

  • Chaelan Knox  14 hours ago

    Let me tell you a story when this happened I was four living here LIKE I do now I didn't know what was happening I was crying,scared and now every time we have hella bad weather I cry because i think back to April 27 2011

  • Amazing and truly terrifying and I can see and hear how this affected you how could anyone not be.Praying for people is a sign of good soul nothing else.God bless you and those you prayed for.

  • pokey999991  5 hours ago

    I heard about this tornado, I have been there to the truck stops. I drive a semi-truck, omg!!

  • redJules1980  5 years ago

    I like how the guy taping was praying for the people, calling out to Jesus to help them.

  • Hiccum Blurpaedius  18 hours ago

    @HOTMAMA97 1st amendment is null and void

  • HOTMAMA97  20 hours ago

    @Hiccum Blurpaedius I believe he meant "dating".