Tuscaloosa Tornado - Unedited Raw Version - 4/27/11

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 27, 2011
  • This is an unedited video of the horrible Tuscaloosa Tornado of 4/27/11. We were just east of the McFarland Boulevard Exit on I 20-59. Not to be used for commercial purposes without permission. Copyright 2011, Michael Wilhelm, www.bamawx.com


  • Bamawxcom
    Bamawxcom  3 years ago +835

    I have left the comments open on this video for five years even though I have been asked to close it to comments. I have not seen most of them, but I have seen enough to know that a lot of people are unhappy and even angry with me that I prayed while I witnessed this tragedy unfold. Others of you have made very supportive comments. I do not have all the answers, and I will submit that no one does. But you will never convince me to turn anywhere besides the Lord, especially in times such as these. I will also add that many of the victims' families, despite their loss, will say the same thing. No matter our circumstances, God is good all the time. It rains on the just and the unjust. But God is faithful.

  • Paula Weber
    Paula Weber  4 years ago +325

    Why are any of you making a fuss because this man mentions Jesus? If his faith gives him comfort, what's it to you?

  • Peter Tarrant Jr
    Peter Tarrant Jr  3 years ago +303

    I find it funny how we have to be politically correct with all other religions, but when it comes to Christianity, people can say what they want. If he is praying, LET HIM PRAY. Isn't anything wrong with one expressing their beliefs in this free country. Anyways, good video. Great angle at the storm and everything. God bless!

  • Matushka Anna
    Matushka Anna  5 years ago +190

    Thanks for praying for these people. Such a lovely change from the usual expletives shot all through the typical tornado video.

  • Debra White
    Debra White  3 years ago +257

    if the man wants to pray let him pray I would too if I was a storm chaser

  • redJules1980
    redJules1980  5 years ago +336

    I like how the guy taping was praying for the people, calling out to Jesus to help them.

  • black berry
    black berry  7 months ago +136

    Glad to hear someone Calling on Jesus...That's exactly what I do in The sunshine & Severe weather......Thanks 4 praying 4 Tuscaloosa......

  • Trenton McCall
    Trenton McCall  2 months ago +57

    Bless this man for his prayers. And bless him for the fact that it was his first natural human visceral response.

  • Makeup Nerds
    Makeup Nerds  a years ago +147

    If y’all have a problem with someone praying for people in danger maybe you need to get a life. He has compassion for people unlike you people. This is coming from an atheist.

  • Chiquita Turner
    Chiquita Turner  2 years ago +157

    This was a very tragic day for our city. Lives were lost. Lots of Babies were killed on that day. I also prayed for family as this tornado ripped through our city. It's not a laughing matter. The pain and fear that i felt in my heart on this day is unexplainable.

  • Kaye Hartfield
    Kaye Hartfield  4 months ago +63

    No problem with prayers, none at all. You took this video under dangerous circumstances and quietly at that, and most of the footage is awesome. Better a quiet prayer than the usual F bombing, screaming and S words that accompany way too many chase videos.

  • Htxjayred
    Htxjayred  3 years ago +273

    all of you cry babies whining about this man praying to jesus can save it. you weren't there, let him do what he feels is necessary and comforts him.angry atheists on the internet make my day.

  • Gage Rucker
    Gage Rucker  3 years ago +144

    So if the guy wants to pray let him pray. You atheists say that Christians are bigots (and I won't disagree a lot of us are), but if you can't watch a video and be open minded and understand that this guy is doing all he can do then you are just as bigoted as some Christians.

  • Florida Metal
    Florida Metal  4 years ago +44

    Hell I'm an agnostic, but I probably would have said Jesus 100 times too if I saw that tornado in person. That is great video footage though, other than the one I had seen of the dude at the shopping center where it touched down probably 500 ft away this is probably the best

  • Mike Flick
    Mike Flick  4 months ago +22

    dude u sound like good man how u believe is your business and u should never stop expressing that.keep up the good work bro.

  • Steven Prosser
    Steven Prosser  3 years ago +28

    this footage is so incredible...how many people get the chance to shoot this

  • Judy Sharlow
    Judy Sharlow  3 months ago +44


  • Rena White
    Rena White  4 years ago +38

    This tornado was horrible I live in Tuscaloosa and it scared the Hell out of me when it happened.

  • Dana Doozer
    Dana Doozer  3 months ago +19

    The suction vortices make this look like pure evil.

  • StarTard's YT Hub
    StarTard's YT Hub  4 years ago +22

    May every being both divine and secular help the people of Tuscaloosa. It's been more than three years and they're STILL recovering. I knew the tornado was huge, but I had no idea that it was multi-vortex. That's pretty terrifying what conspired in those eight minutes.