Tuscaloosa Tornado - Unedited Raw Version - 4/27/11

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 27, 2011
  • This is an unedited video of the horrible Tuscaloosa Tornado of 4/27/11. We were just east of the McFarland Boulevard Exit on I 20-59.

    Not to be used for commercial purposes without permission. Copyright 2011, Michael Wilhelm, www.bamawx.com


  • Rusty Trombone
    Rusty Trombone  11 hours ago

    I wonder how many of these people on the highway realized they were in a tornado?

  • Vivian Swinhoe
    Vivian Swinhoe  6 days ago

    I wouldn't be chasing that I'd be running for my life

  • Thomas Vetor
    Thomas Vetor  6 days ago

    I'm curious how long did it stay down 4...

  • Thomas Vetor
    Thomas Vetor  6 days ago

    Highway traffic n drivers didn't even seem 2 mind the tornado at all , like loving this rush ....

  • Thomas Vetor
    Thomas Vetor  6 days ago

    Very great view of the tornado ....

  • Tiffany Black
    Tiffany Black  7 days ago

    Listen to all the sirens. That's terrifying

  • 72039
    72039  7 days ago

    How is this not an EF5. My eyes don't lie!

  • daver00lzd00d
    daver00lzd00d  7 days ago

    that lightning at the end, WOW!

  • Cheeky Devil
    Cheeky Devil  7 days ago

    I am always absolutely amazed and humbled by the raw power of mother nature. More and more humanity has this arrogance about them, that mother nature is powerless to stop us, when in reality, no matter what we build mother nature can destroyed in seconds. And it’s videos like this to constantly remind us of that. I just wish humanity would have a little more respect for nature, because we were already beginning to see the effects of the damage we’ve done, and we still refuse to act, and now we have finally passed the point of no return, and nature is wreaking all hell against us, and we’ve only ourselves to blame, it makes me so sad and angry, we’ve made our children’s futures a nightmare, I’ll because we were too stupid and selfish to listen to the sciences when we could’ve made a difference.

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan  7 days ago

    Equal tornado time with car roof top, and religious kook

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan  7 days ago

    Horrible camera work

  • CSXRockford
    CSXRockford  14 days ago

    there is no god ....only nature.

  • Will G1986
    Will G1986  14 days ago

    Seeing all these comments from whining christians is hilarious because had the person filming this video been a Muslim and prayed to “Allah” people who be up in arms and only a few would care, the fact that he’s praying to the “popular god” in this country makes it OK tho, it’s disgusting how people in this “FREE country” that I join the military to fight for as an Atheist and deployed to TWO war zones act as tho “christians” pretend they’re the only ones who are persecuted and they ALWAYS try to play the victim! They’re the last ones who should be claiming the victim card. The fact is what bothers those of us who are Atheists is the fact that christians always try and shame anyone who doesn’t believe in their “god” into keeping it to themselves BUT they feel like they have a right to say and do whatever they want in the name of religious freedom but they don’t want anyone else to pray to Allah or Zeus or Thor because they think THOSE “gods “ aren’t real but THEIR’S is!!

  • Art Eggleston
    Art Eggleston  14 days ago

    How to replace a motor seal on 1965 corvair

  • thebes1
    thebes1  14 days ago

    Who care what atheist think. They think life came from rock.

  • sirbackdoorbandit
    sirbackdoorbandit  14 days ago

    Praying to an imaginery wont help but if it give him strength so what .... mind u dint stop him filming to go help where he could n thats a sham mutha earth will rip us all a new one if we continually fuck with her

  • One World
    One World  14 days ago

    It's always difficult to estimate distance from ground zero of these monsters...... you could be a mile or five miles away. At halfway through it's amazing there isn't more roar than wind noise across the mic....... and around 7:00 more funnels trying to form to the right. It's like Humboldt squid mesmerizing the diver with light shows and setting up an ambush from above.
    I've been this close to a PERFECT waterspout that formed on Choptank River in Cambridge, Maryland, just as we got on the bridge. It moved NW onto farmland, instantly turning from brackish green to black when it met topsoil. However, at about 120 degrees right, two short, obese funnels formed over marsh about 1/2 mile north. I sometimes wonder if people getting footage occasionally check above for a sneak attack...... multiple vortex events not so rare.

  • One World
    One World  14 days ago

    Once upon a time in America....... when Robert Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhan, I was in 5th or 6th grade. Our teacher said something to the effect of "if you think about it, you might say a prayer for him.......". She meant after school, at home; everybody got that. I prayed for him, in fact I recall clearly I was taking a bath, my ears submerged. I prayed at some length for his survival and recovery; I clearly recall the terrible day his brother was assassinated, and Lee Harvey Oswald's "gut feeling" when Jack Ruby introduced himself on behalf of JFK........and also thinking I'd forever remember that scenario, submerged and focused on prayer for mercy for Bobby Kennedy..... that it was cool that a teacher could say "prayer" and no classmates balked and took offense. It wasn't a trigger for a mass protest that'd bring in state troopers, helicopters, and breed hostility among students. Even the really bad kids, I noticed, were cool with what the teacher meant. "IF you think about it" said enough.

    Now, perhaps having established my position as a believer in a Highest Power, I respond to the post of 3 years ago by the channel holder...... how would you feel if you came upon a similar video but prayer was offered to another name? Let's say the person speaking was of the Zoroastrian faith? Santeria? It's really not much more than playing fair, respecting others' faith. And some things in life are, obviously, best tucked away....... humans triggered by names is beyond ridiculous, but it happens.

    There's a documentary about a group of people kidnapped and held for some incredibly long time by al-Qaeda. Some were executed, but the ones that were not and were rescued had only one possibility in mind as to why they were spared from execution...... they were devout followers of their faith. They were not Muslim. It's absolutely unnecessary to identify their religion. The point is that through the entire ordeal they prayed faithfully. They believe that the executions were not about whether the victims were Muslim or not, but about the fact they had no consciousness of a Higher Power, believed in nothing. At the very core of the issue, and we hear it all the time about "non-believers", it's about acknowledgment we are subordinate to a Higher Power. I said "at the very core"........ once a devotee wanders from the core and tries to mold it to fit his concept of "the way it's supposed to be", people suffer.
    Is it not of some significance that the followers of the first monotheistic religion are the by-far least proselytizing, most responsible for the creation of the foundations of monotheism upon which others would be built, and also the most abused? I recall, upon learning of a former employer's conversion from Christianity to Judaism, that I felt he'd denounced the iconic central figure of his original faith. But then it occurred to me that Christ was a faithful practicing Jew. The case against him was not about his consciousness of a Higher Power..... it was about Earthly things and humankind....... and that doesn't mean "kindness" of humanity. It's just a species.

    If someone lived each day by the books of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Job, etc. they'd be quite tolerable as long as they don't proselytize. The same can be said for someone living by the writings of Lao Tzu and Confucius, Deepak Chopra, Alan Watts, Baba Ram Dass, Mahatma Ghandi, Kahlil Gibran, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, etc. Just be. Now that the Democratic and Republican political parties have become religions, we'll be guarding our affiliations as we do our Social Security numbers. Labels trigger, as you have obviously seen.
    In pre-marital consult with the Catholic priest that would marry my now ex-wife and me, I asked him if he had any issue with the fact I was born, baptized, and confirmed by catechism Lutheran. His reply: "My doctorate is in theology, not religion".

  • Samwise K
    Samwise K  14 days ago +1

    I was just telling my son how I thought it was scary but that it was cool the guy filming is sending up some quick prayers the entire time

  • K H
    K H  21 days ago

    It is a goo d thing we don’t live in the poopy oclahoma🤬🤗