The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018
  • The Try Guys get legally drunk and go behind the wheel on a closed traffic course in order to find out how drinking alcohol affects a driver's senses, reaction time, and confidence, with sobering results. The first episode in our epic four-part education series exploring the dangers of driving under the influence. #TryGuysDUI

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    Director Dan De Lorenzo
    First Assistant Director Kevin Moon
    Director of Photography Daryl Gilmore
    Camera Operator Michael Summers
    Camera Operator Ben Hecht
    Drone Operator Grant Gulesserian
    First Assistant Camera Carol Kim
    Second Assistant Camera Jose Mendoza
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    DIT Marianne Desrochers
    Gaffer Kevin Castro
    Key Grip Stephen St. Peter
    Swing Joe Shultz
    Sound Mixer Michael Weinstein
    Assistant Editor Delon Villanueva
    Assistant Editor Jordan Stidham
    Production Coordinator Emily Corsini
    Production Assistant Nikki Lee
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    Production Assistant Kasiemobo Udo-okoye
    Production Assistant Miles Bonsignore
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    Craft Services Michelle Winters

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    Location by Irwindale Speedway


    Retired LAPD Traffic Homicide Detective Bill Bustos

    Board Certified Internist & Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine Dr. Damon Raskin

    Los Angeles Police Department 
    City of Irwindale 
    Irwindale Speedway
    Flyby Imagery

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    Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
    Editor - Devlin McCluskey
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    Assistant Editor - Will Witwer
    Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
    Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore


  • Rosw Twen
    Rosw Twen  17 hours ago

    How did none of them throw up

  • S Moore
    S Moore  19 hours ago

    whats the "your making me drunk" song by

  • Marcela Ochoa Magaña

    Ned was playing hot wheels

  • know itall
    know itall  yesterday

    Make it a competition so we know you are trying and not just trying to be goofy on camera.

  • A Tiny Fifi
    A Tiny Fifi  yesterday

    Scotland introduced a law a few years back that if you have any alcohol in your system, wether it be one beer before you drive home, or still have alcohol in your system the next day, you will be found to be driving under the influence. I remember a lot of folk being pissed when it first got introduced but hearing about friends who got into accidents or even drove “safely” home, I really feel like that’s a wise law to be put in place.

  • gariden
    gariden  yesterday

    im trying to imagine me doing the finger to nose thing

    i can barely tell left and right apart when completely sober

  • le creb
    le creb  2 days ago

    chug the bottle and go full throttle

  • TheSolution 101
    TheSolution 101  2 days ago +4

    An “avid alcohol enthusiast.”

    So an alcoholic

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie  2 days ago +4

    this is from 2019
    i love how eugene is gay but everyone else is way gayer than him

  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee  2 days ago

    I live in SC, the second worst state for drunk driving. Ask anyone around here and they will know someone who was hit by a drunk driver and had either their life ruined or ended. The drunk person almost always comes out okay and, a lot of times, gets away with it because they know someone.

  • ultranina13
    ultranina13  2 days ago

    I'm Eugene drunk

  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee  2 days ago

    The m&ms tie though

  • Ciara-Louise
    Ciara-Louise  2 days ago

    Drunk Ned is cuddly as HECC. 🥰

  • Drag0nRage
    Drag0nRage  2 days ago

    That doctors tie is so goddamn cool

  • Sheila Brito
    Sheila Brito  3 days ago

    Zach looks so good on that color!!!!! ughh I'm dying xd

  • cryptaz
    cryptaz  3 days ago

    ned driving genuinely makes me so NERVOUS

  • animallover23344
    animallover23344  3 days ago

    When my dad was 20 years old, he got drunk at a bar and tried to drive his motorcycle home without a helmet. So not only was he underage drinking but drunk driving too. He only got a block away from the bar when he blew a red light and then fell off his bike. He slide down the road. When he woke up in the hospital, he lost most of the skin on his chest, most of the muscles in his face, and almost all the skin on his face. His hands and arms were all beaten up too. He had facial reconstruction surgery and ended up having a lot of problems with his sinuses and memory. It's reasons like that story as to why I will never drink and drive

  • anthony dabrowski

    I like how they characterize weed and alcohol as equal problems while driving but which ones legal and which ones not

  • laila rose
    laila rose  5 days ago


  • laila rose
    laila rose  5 days ago +3