Vox Borders Hong Kong starts next week

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  • Every Wednesday, starting 7/18/18, see a new side of Hong Kong.
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    Hong Kong sits on one of the world’s most peculiar borders. It’s a part of China but it’s also very much an independent entity. Every Wednesday for five weeks, Vox’s Johnny Harris goes behind the scenes in Hong Kong, talking to the locals and showcasing some of the interesting culture that emerged in this nexus between East and West.

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    Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. For more, visit vox.com/borders.

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  • Vox
    Vox  2 months ago +334

    Thanks for all your support and ideas. Can't wait to share what I've been working on with all of you, and to continue the journey we're charting.
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    First Hong Kong video comes next week!
    - Johnny

    • bose bose
      bose bose  1 months ago

      Good topics to create videos on 1. Pakistan social issues 2. Indian services sector.

    • dheeraj yadav
      dheeraj yadav  2 months ago

      American propagandist..why u guys are so much interested in china because it's going to surpass american economy in the coming years.Always try to divide others so that u Westerners can rule..

    • shobhit sinha
      shobhit sinha  2 months ago

      Are you planning to visit India

    • Sophie Rosenblatt
      Sophie Rosenblatt  2 months ago


    • nolan verheij-full
      nolan verheij-full  2 months ago

      What does it take to work with you on Vox Borders? It is my favorite youtube series and would love to become a part of the team. I shoot for a living and am currently working on a Youtube series about refugees called Howling Eagle.
      Let me know how I could get involved 😊

  • Jason 🇭🇰
    Jason 🇭🇰  27 days ago

    After 1997, we've faced so ~~much challenge than before : financial crisis, financial budget deficit, SARS, CY Leung, Occupy Central...... and so on, we've crowed street, high property price.........Hope Fox cover all these topics~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These days as a local, we found our Quality of programs is worse than before and the boarder, and our independence of report are losing. So i'm looking forward your programs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EmperorCaesus
    EmperorCaesus  28 days ago

    Ugh... obviously only interviewing anti-establishment lawmakers...

  • Sreevani Singaraju

    Johnny, you’re my next Anthony Bourdain. Great narration and views

  • Justin Cui
    Justin Cui  1 months ago

    Do Vox Borders Northern Ireland

  • Thammering
    Thammering  1 months ago

    Vox is terrible

  • kianislovekianislife

    living here its great to now more

  • drjones
    drjones  1 months ago

    Yes! Borders is back!

  • JJ Fung
    JJ Fung  1 months ago

    I am from Hong Kong

  • 1978newbeginnings
    1978newbeginnings  2 months ago

    Vox: the white-xplaining channel for white people who don't watch international news media or documentaries about anything.

  • Jamie Yates
    Jamie Yates  2 months ago

    Please cover Cyprus and Kaliningrad

  • Jason Jean
    Jason Jean  2 months ago

    Really? Hong Kong "sort of" belongs to China? Just because you conveniently left out that Hong Kong gets its water from mainland China, that it's constitution, the Basic Law, derives its authority from the constitution of mainland China, that the ultimate say on interpreting the Hong Kong constitution comes from the Chinese government, that all their foreign policy is managed by the Chinese government, or that the PLA is stationed in Hong Kong.
    I guess each state in the union "sort of" belongs to the United States and each province "sort of" belongs to Canada. After all, they have borders, different laws, different governments, distinct legal systems, and restrictions on what you can and cannot bring across their borders.

  • realcolataste97
    realcolataste97  2 months ago

    I was born in Hong Kong just 6 months before it was returned back to China but my mom didn’t register my British passport so I’m not a Britain citizen but like how cool would that be

  • Alex Henwood
    Alex Henwood  2 months ago

    What is the sound track for this please?????

  • Shubharth Jain
    Shubharth Jain  2 months ago

    Hey is this background music original or taken from somewhere

  • John Binyamin
    John Binyamin  2 months ago

    could you visit Somaliland!

  • Antonio Del Negro
    Antonio Del Negro  2 months ago

    please visit Mr Wong the restaurant and take a picture with him (he has a hat of "Make America great Again" just to piss off people :D

  • mm kk
    mm kk  2 months ago

    Long live Socialist China.

  • Samuel Sheung
    Samuel Sheung  2 months ago

    Again, please call us Hongkongese. And Hong Kong is not a city in southern China, is the southern side of China.
    Please don't use Hongkongers anymore, it makes Hongkongese future become more messy and weaken our identity. The Hongkongese identity is not just a citizen identity(New Yorkers, Londoner), it is more like a cultural-language identity, with over 150 years of Physical modern Hong Kong existed as a non-sovereignty city state.

  • Gabriel Chong
    Gabriel Chong  2 months ago

    Hong Kong is the most fascinating city in Asia, if not in the world!