Mac Miller - Self Care

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • Directed by Christian WeberSWIMMING is available now.Get it here:


  • thatone stonerguy  2 months ago

    *has limited oxygen**lights cigarette*Legend

  • Jasper Arce  8 hours ago


  • Jonathan Artga  10 hours ago

    Yeah but that mentality in this real world is why he aint here now! Its funny until it ain't! Ya dig!

  • Churro .-.  3 days ago

    Heard it's gone platinum. Well Earned. Congratulations Mac

  • Belyend  10 hours ago

    he's dead)))

  • Aaron ExDee  17 hours ago

    he said "💀"

  • He ain't dead*He's alive every time I press play :(*

  • Jafta Sithembile  7 hours ago

    feel sad every time Iisten to him man!

  • StayChaotic  11 hours ago

    amen. 👐

  • Mooseolini5454  3 days ago

    Shout out to the song going certified platinum... we love you Mac

  • Antonio Labib  yesterday

    Legend has it, to this day hes still smoking in his coffin

  • Ota Bangs  1 months ago

    Don't be sad he diedBe glad he was born

  • mike castro  17 hours ago

    @Kate Davies suck his dick already geesh

  • mike castro  17 hours ago

    Get your own commentary

  • Eduardo Tenorio  3 days ago

    Officially RIAA Certified PlatinumCongrats Mac. R.I.P.

  • Lee Hitchman  2 days ago

    Eduardo Tenorio “...and you can find me I ain’t hiding..” @ Lee marvin hitchman INSTA(nt enlightenment)G-RAM

  • “I got all the time in the world” shit got me..

  • Steve Martinez  23 hours ago

    Eric Cullen Balsamo When that beat switch & he says that line. Fucks me up everytime.

  • Keiry  12 days ago

    He was really starting to find his own sound. Gone too soon Mac!

  • Carlos Thug  13 hours ago

    Long life Mac Miller

  • Kimberli Jones  2 days ago

    @Jonathan Soko ahaaaaa you're right, you're right I'm a stickler for proper grammar too good looking out lol lol

  • d A L i L a  2 days ago

    Congrats Mac, This Went Platinum.Rest In Peace Angel. 🖤