Machines out of control - Fail

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 12, 2018
  • Machines out of control compilation


  • josef733  1 months ago

    The ski lift one is like something out of Final Destination

  • WuPiDu  9 days ago

    The guy must be on his headphones again

  • 0:40 i couldn't have said yeet harder im my life

  • MrBusDrivr  yesterday

    1) Clickbait2) Clips we've seen at least a thousand times3) Thumb down

  • 1pookie2  6 days ago

    5:39 one lucky guy, that was close !

  • Lord of Dogs  23 days ago

    "So, how's your job at the car wash? Did you take any cars for a spin?""No, but something took me for a spin."

  • The Crimson Shadow  1 months ago

    JUMP OFF!!!! HUH???? WHAT????I think he said stay on.DUH OK!!!

  • gdsm1815  a months ago

    Where there’s blame there’s a claim

  • fox 6  1 months ago

    lot of people freeze in situations like that they are called the dead

  • When your girl says don’t nut but right when she said it 5:15

  • Solida Butler  6 days ago

    Jumb off dang 4:26 that laugh though 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SkyBug Productions  1 months ago

    Thumbnail is not in the video.

  • firebornelite  10 days ago

    Clickbait sucks...

  • Gold Fox7  a months ago

    That ski lift is horrific, the horror and carnage.