The Secret of The Stark Bloodline | The Legend They Forgot | A Song of Ice and Fire

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • The Richness of the legends and myths in a song of ice and fire is one of the many things that attribute to its greatness. This episode of IOIAF CAST we explore the Legend of the Night’s King and Queen, who ruled over the Night Fort for 13 years performing unspeakable acts of black magic until they were taken down by the King in the North and the King Beyond The wall.

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  • Kek_Kun YT
    Kek_Kun YT  7 days ago

    Interbreeding? children of the forest?


  • Iain MacLennan
    Iain MacLennan  14 days ago

    Excellent lilith ref: GRRM would deffo go for that.
    The rest is basically ridiculous but I can't fault your presentation.
    Please stick to ASOIOF and don't get into politics. You will do more harm than good.

  • Iain MacLennan
    Iain MacLennan  14 days ago +1

    Bran really was listening to not only Old Nan but Lewin too...

  • burnsloads
    burnsloads  21 days ago

    I think Bran is Bran the builder, or at least inspired him.

  • Tom Phelps
    Tom Phelps  21 days ago

    Could the Others be a Matriarch?

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor  1 months ago

    Maybe magic came back to the world along with the birth of dragons, not only because of Daenerys but because it was when Jon said the vows and joined the nights watch? Dunno, can't remember if these event line up or what but if they did line up maybe it was that combination or maybe it was fully just Jon.

  • Tarvoc
    Tarvoc  1 months ago

    Brandon Nightsking: "SHE ISH MAH QUEEN!!!"

  • Se Ni
    Se Ni  2 months ago

    What is the name of the melody at the beginning? Thanks

  • Ya boy Ed
    Ya boy Ed  2 months ago

    Stannis and Mellisandre vibes

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones  2 months ago

    I always thought she was like melissandra only worshipping the Night King and was turned by him but retained all her intelligence as he did.

  • Travis Beaver
    Travis Beaver  2 months ago +1

    Makes sense of why the knight king didnt kill jon snow even though he had the chance too on atleast 3 occasions. Bc he has blood of the others. Also when they first met he gave him a confused/suprised look maybe bc he also has magical targyran blood as well

  • viperfo
    viperfo  3 months ago

    When John was born it woke up the White walkers and they made a pact with the man in the woods give us your sons and you can live in peace.

  • Terry Wright
    Terry Wright  3 months ago

    Well thought out conspiracy theory. 😎
    Am enjoying this channel. Keep up the fun work.

  • Marcus Anark
    Marcus Anark  3 months ago

    Great video! Definitely there is more to House Stark.

  • Liam McGregor
    Liam McGregor  3 months ago

    I'm Loving The Books and It's in Big Part because of These Talks, Returning to The True Lore, The Book Lore ^_^ Fark your Channel is sooo Good :-)
    "The North Remembers" "There Must Always be a Stark in Winterfell"

  • I went from 0 to 100% bts trash real quick

    Ever since I started being interested in ASOIAF, i associated it in my mind with a dystopian fantasy. This world is interesting, magical, cruel and terrible to live into, especially for most of our standards

  • Aamir Razak
    Aamir Razak  3 months ago +1

    The idea that the Starks have the blood of the others is both incredible and terrifying... maybe the Nights Kings sacrifice was part of the pact made w the Others during the Long Night? Very interesting stuff I hope we learn more about it soon

  • Aamir Razak
    Aamir Razak  4 months ago

    Great video I definitely think there is more to the words winter is coming than a simple statement about the season changing and there must always be a stark in winterfell as well probably has a deeper meaning... would love to see a future video on the great empire of the dawn and how they may have enabled the rise of Valyria

  • Cali Braxus
    Cali Braxus  4 months ago

    I liked the scene in the last episode, when Jon knelt before Bran. Aegon Targaryon, kneeling before Bran Stark, where 300 years before, Brandon Stark had knelt before the first Aegon Targaryon.

  • Mircea Donciu
    Mircea Donciu  4 months ago +1

    The Legend they kinda forgot.