This Dude Is In Jail Because You Won't Buy His Merch

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019

    I'm pretty sure this is the most manipulative way to sell merch I've ever seen.

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  • WillFillms
    WillFillms  21 hours ago

    I am in Japan right now

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai  yesterday +1

    I wouldnt have even enjoyed this when i was like 7

  • xXShadowTheCat63Xx :]

    Dont diss Jarvis Johnson he has a sweet as name

  • go back to sleep karen

    "locking your brother in prison for playing fortnite" if only this was a real thing i could do to my brothers.

  • Sabrina Horn
    Sabrina Horn  yesterday

    I appreciate all of these reaction videos so I don't have to give these videos views

  • kendall morris
    kendall morris  yesterday

    it’s because playing fortnite is a federal offence.


  • Playing Time
    Playing Time  yesterday

    What!? Without us knowing, is illigal!

  • Gacha Wolfy Gurl
    Gacha Wolfy Gurl  yesterday

    Better safe than sorry

  • Elizabeth Nesinov

    Jarvis is in jail
    With a million dollar bail
    I think its gonna hail
    I grew a little tail

    Somebody get me a pail
    I like the song Sail
    I was walking on a rail
    Then fell when I realized this is a fail.

  • Madeline Crowder
    Madeline Crowder  yesterday

    8:51 Danny that’s a nurses office lol

  • Garage Banderman
    Garage Banderman  2 days ago +2

    Teacher: I’ll have to call the the police.

    Faze Kay: aww no brœ

  • AutumnCyan
    AutumnCyan  2 days ago +1

    Danny: says Jarvis is probably the least coolest name in FaZe
    Jarvis Johnson: Am I a joke to you?

  • Alex Ast
    Alex Ast  2 days ago

    At 11:13, with no context its confusing

  • Vegan Socks
    Vegan Socks  3 days ago +2

    Bro brooooo bro? Bro??! Bruuuuuh bro broooo?!
    BrOoooOoooOo! Bruh did you bruh the bro? BrooooOooooO

  • Madaline Flores
    Madaline Flores  3 days ago +1

    Jarvis plays fornite in school? Hes going to jail
    How much will it cost? Its a 1 million dollar bail
    Jarvis looks out the window? Oh my gosh it gonna hail
    Jarvis runs downstairs? You gotta use the rail!
    Jarvis turns into a cat? Jarvis now has a tail
    Jarvis trying to hang up a picture? Use a hammer and a nail
    Jarvis is at the dollar store? He shops in retail
    Jarvis is a dude? Oh well then he's male
    Jarvis look inside his mailbox? He's just getting his mail
    Jarvis loves little red riding hood? Jarvis its just a fairytale
    Jarvis goes on a diet? He starts eating kale
    Jarvis is feeling sick? He looks pale
    Jarvis is at the beach? He plays with a shovel and a pail
    Jarvis' favorite actor? Christian Bale
    Jarvis needs to weigh himself? Step on the scale

    Ok thats all I got (sorry these were horrible)

  • Madaline Flores
    Madaline Flores  3 days ago +1

    "Better late than never" is the saying
    Danny: better sooner than later no better late than sooner?
    Me: You tried

  • Bleach Crackers
    Bleach Crackers  3 days ago +3

    when you realize Danny's gonna be in Texas when the raid is happening

  • pennywise killer clowen


  • Adley Fontaine
    Adley Fontaine  3 days ago


  • Christopher Columbus

    The handle of their jail cell door is an old persons grab-bar from a shower. RIP FazeGrandma, someone stole your grab-bar so you ain’t gettin up from the next slip.