Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 13, 2018
  • Hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar takes a look at a variety of hacking scenes from popular media and examines their authenticity.

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    Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED


    DRXNK  3 hours ago

    the chase and status track though

  • Jet Fusion
    Jet Fusion  9 hours ago

    Download moar RAAAAAAM

  • Rob Swindell
    Rob Swindell  yesterday

    Dialing into a computer and "hacking" the computer is not "phreaking".

  • barytol 2001
    barytol 2001  yesterday

    Tutorial: How to beat hacker?
    1.Unplug ethernet cable
    2.Reinstall windows/format discs

  • Jeremy Heminger
    Jeremy Heminger  2 days ago

    I love how in these types of videos they always display Javascript or HTML in the terminal. ... And in this case its not even a terminal, it's Sublime Text which is an editor. A good editor btw, I use it and love it. But, generally I will have one maybe two terminal windows open ( with multiple tabs if I am connected to more than one machine ).

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel  2 days ago

    The only thing getting hacked in NCIS is their acting.

  • StellarInferno
    StellarInferno  2 days ago

    Where is Live Free or Die Hard!!!!???????

  • Kassotis Productions
    Kassotis Productions  2 days ago +1

    Fire the editor.

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez  2 days ago

    I would have to say MR. Robot followed a lot of real life techniques even if they did put that Hollywood spin on some of it. I really like the editing

  • Darkbotic
    Darkbotic  3 days ago

    How could the miss CSI NY Visual Basic GUI hacking?

  • Jake Anenu
    Jake Anenu  3 days ago

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  • rm3d
    rm3d  3 days ago

    That ncis scene is brilliant. Lets both use the same keyboard to stop hackers. Pmsl

  • Max Villela
    Max Villela  3 days ago

    He seemed so interested in Mr. Robot and then . . . . you showed NCIS to him.
    That's rude, man. 6:04

  • Beeps
    Beeps  3 days ago

    Ugh, and then the editor shows us some markup when the guy is talking about code and terminals :D

  • Yusuf Gökçe
    Yusuf Gökçe  3 days ago +1

    Who tf edited this!!???

  • Michael! In The Bathroom

    I’m Simple. I See Rami Malek, I Click

  • Kenny Pitt
    Kenny Pitt  3 days ago


  • Roman Semenov
    Roman Semenov  3 days ago

    What can you say about hacking scene in Kung Fury? Is it realistic?

  • Roman Semenov
    Roman Semenov  3 days ago

    16:41 this could be a legit PDF that exploits the viewer to execute code on the target machine

  • The Tone King
    The Tone King  4 days ago

    this is a great video.