Inside Borussia Dortmund's Yellow Wall: Is This The Most Fun Place to Watch Football In the World?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • There is nothing quite like Borussia Dortmund's Yellow Wall. 25,000 fans can pack into this part of the club's Westfalenstadion and create one of the best atmospheres in the game.In this edition of Heart of Football, Boris from Dusseldorf takes us into the stand and shows us the sights and sounds that only Dortmund can provide.


  • sri harsha  4 months ago

    We need champions season 2

  • GamerKing0504  4 months ago

    Yes 😃😃

  • Anonymous anonymous  4 months ago

    Hope that all this delay is because they have made a LOT of episodesssss 😍

  • delpi ade  4 months ago

    I love dortmund fans,,Greeting from lfc fans😊

  • Pheonixeye_1  3 months ago

    Two of the best fans in the sport

  • I love LFCGreetings from a Dortmund Fan :)

  • Jathushan Murugesu  4 months ago

    these germans love walls

  • Pseudo Nym  3 months ago

    @Monk Killedababy Yes they share. Flat german, or Low german - "Plattdeutsch" I don't know how it's called in english- partly sounds even like a very bad english accent.No matter what language you want to speak, you need to learn vocabulary and you need to talk to natives.

  • Monk Killedababy  3 months ago

    Pseudo Nym Yeah but I bet it’s easier to learn than most languages for us. We already know all the pronunciations and stuff almost. I’d say English shares a lot in common with German, in the way that you learn them.

  • I'm so proud to be a loyal fan for this club and I wish that one day I can fulfill my dream to attend a match for this great club with such a superb atmosphere that is surrounding the players to give them the proper energy that they need!

  • arktzen  3 months ago

    @Monk Killedababy Especially because Dortmund is more than just the football club. The city is considered as ugly and poor, but I just moved here 2 months ago and I really like it. I can definitely recommend coming here. 👍

  • Monk Killedababy  3 months ago

    I’m trying to find someone to go with me to Dortmund, so I’m like in the opposite position of you. Might just have to go alone... no one in Canada cares about footy.I’m not even a bvb fan, more of an admirer. I’m an arsenal fan for the footy and a diehard Celtic fan from my family. But I really like the idea of Dortmund for a vacation/holiday. Smoked meats, football and beer? Sounds fun for a week or two.

  • Proud to support BVB. Greetings from Aris ultras, Super 3 from Greece!!!!!! Yellow brothers forever

  • G1913  1 months ago

    I like Greek food

  • Bumper Tv  4 months ago

    Bvb 🖤💛will be champion

  • Jack NoranNamu  2 months ago


  • UltraNegativ  3 months ago

    Dortmund back on the first place :D

  • optic feeds  4 months ago

    I would love to go!!! From New YorkI've been following since 2013 and they have been my favorite club since 2013 I watch every game possible I love this club 💛🖤

  • Avin Paul  3 months ago

    Damn, I am so in envy with you guys; just for the thought that you guys started this convo; Even I have been following Dortmund since early 2013, and I don't know when my day would come. Still Positive!!!Cheers Mate, we completed 6 years of following Dortmund.Dortmund is not a team, its an emotion for me and millions like us.Wir Sind Alle Dortmunder Jungs....Echte Liebe!!!

  • optic feeds  3 months ago

    @Monk Killedababy lmfao I'm not. I'm super hyped in going. I'm only 17 tho so it will be a while till I saved up money to go to Germany and watch a game

  • Borussia Dortmund 💛🖤

  • Mateo Ruiz  4 months ago

    Forza BVB 💛🖤

  • santoshjudedsouza  1 months ago

    Only Stadium which rivals Liverpool's Anfield ! Love and respect from LFC fan ❤ 0:51 You'll Never Walk Alone!