Ancient Artifacts In Egypt That Egyptologists Do Not Understand

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 5, 2018
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  • Klaatu barada nikto
    Klaatu barada nikto  11 months ago +2700

    Whoever is responsible for that granite work had a lot more skill than the two clowns that installed my counter tops.

  • ali abrahimi
    ali abrahimi  9 hours ago +1

    You are too lazy to imagine that people in the past actually worked for a living.

  • Russ Denyer
    Russ Denyer  11 hours ago +1

    You should enter in the olympics long jump.
    You’re great at jumping to conclusions.

  • sciencemansandera

    I understand them because I've been researching this for 15 years every single day

  • Danielle padgett
    Danielle padgett  2 days ago

    The granite most likely was soaked with a type of oil, one can tell there is a thin layer of discoloration at the top.
    The oils probably were used to break the grant down enough to be wedged.

  • Greg Lemieux
    Greg Lemieux  11 months ago +450

    I almost lost it when I saw all the trash .

  • Lynn Applebee
    Lynn Applebee  13 hours ago

    Within the past 2 months , I heard that there is a access door behind one of the ears of the Sphinx. Never heard or read that before. What do you think?

  • im1who84u
    im1who84u  14 days ago +27

    0:47 Really?........... Is that what you believe?........... If the "powers that be" didn't want us to see it, it wouldn't be on display in a public museum no matter what dark obscure corner it might be in.

  • TheBlackClockOfTime
    TheBlackClockOfTime  3 months ago +26

    Foerster, Schoch, Hancock & Carlson mega-JRE needs to happen!

  • Ununius
    Ununius  yesterday

    They had access to sound and resonance. To be able to heat the stone acoustically. Their drawing show their machines they used in their laboratories.
    Am egyptian guy at work said egyptians diddnt build nothing.. They just found all this amazing old crap. Just built on top of it to worship thoes who came before the cataclysm.

  • zaf
    zaf  10 months ago +325

    Hi guys, i have been selling and machining granite for over 20 years. There is different types of granite absolute black and star galaxy granites are the hardest types. The lighter granites are generally softer and more brittle. It is possible to drill a hole but not easy! We use diamond core drills. I have been to the pyramid Giza and went inside it to the top. They have huge granite blocks massive they were and the gap between them was like 1mm! Even with our cnc machines we would struggle getting such an accuracy. It is still mind boggling to think how they got them so accurate. It is not impossible to achieve but extremely hard.

    SAMSQUATCH Moss  4 months ago +37

    Wish I had a time machine!!

  • Ryan Isacuc
    Ryan Isacuc  6 months ago +12

    This is the best footage I’ve seen yet of all these places. Thank you!

  • ghtqwrrt871
    ghtqwrrt871  3 months ago +20

    Many mentions of Bedrock...but no sign of Fred Flintstone.

  • Karl Buttler
    Karl Buttler  4 months ago +13

    I have a curious question; where is the "Rubble" from those Square tunnels? All mines have a rubble pile somewhere...


    Sarcophagi really.

  • SOLOman
    SOLOman  3 months ago +9

    Well, I kinda wish I had some of the Builders [whoever they might have been] of the megalithic structures - tools [ whatever they were] because I am having a hard time just digging post holes in my camping 'Bush' block's rocky Quartz strewn surface - that keeps damaging my primitive [modern] hand tools and making little headway as to actually digging a hole deep enough to put fence posts in and I only need to go down 18 inches into the mud brick/adobe Clay-type ground ;)
    So I can fully appreciate the Megalithic builders abilities and talents [ and tools] which, if I didn't before - I most certainly do now - consider to be awesome in the extreme. lol.

  • Limara64
    Limara64  3 months ago +3

    Ps, what about chemical burning, acids or something like that?

  • pablo alvarez
    pablo alvarez  2 months ago +4

    Absolutely amazing...

  • William Palladino
    William Palladino  7 months ago +51

    I remain a skeptic about various claims made but my jaw hits the floor when I see the images you capture. Really appreciate it.