Why Costco is Cheaper than Amazon

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 25, 2019
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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter  2 months ago +5003

    Shh... don't tell Jeff.

  • kevin than
    kevin than  an hour ago

    One of my local store got shutdown and got open as a Halloween store. How do they stay open?

  • jonldavis
    jonldavis  2 hours ago

    I don't think it's hurting Amazon that much. No way am I going to find what I want at Cosco.

  • DinoMonkey Games
    DinoMonkey Games  4 hours ago

    Kirkland popcorn is so good put the FROZEN pizza sucks

  • Smokey Brown
    Smokey Brown  4 hours ago

    Costco is the home of the free samples.

  • Rahadian Yamin
    Rahadian Yamin  6 hours ago

    I don't think its business model will be successful in developing countries.

  • Jack Wu
    Jack Wu  10 hours ago

    Costco doesn't sell as much variety as Amazon. Also Amazon has prime video VOD. Also there's. O lines on Amazon.

  • Instant Kill
    Instant Kill  10 hours ago

    wait if you think about it, it’s not a free sample if you pay membership

  • Mackinstyle
    Mackinstyle  11 hours ago

    I have never once been proud of my Ikea construction. I've just been tired and irritated that I had to do it at all. Maybe it's time to start hiring a kid to come do it.

  • Charlie
    Charlie  15 hours ago


  • Vincent Conti
    Vincent Conti  18 hours ago

    Do they pay a dividend?

  • Vincent Conti
    Vincent Conti  18 hours ago

    Anyone know what the "float" is? I just learned something!! I had no idea they made so much of the cash with the membership fee!!! Just like an insurance company!! Wow!

  • Vincent Conti
    Vincent Conti  18 hours ago

    This is how the old world works. Indonesia and Peru where I live both do this same thing. The retailers go for the holiday sales. Ramadan...Santa whatever in Peru. Toko and tienda! They sell what's happenin! Nothing new under the sun!

  • John Masson
    John Masson  yesterday

    Because CostCo is the bomb.

  • fona mcjimmyjimmy
    fona mcjimmyjimmy  yesterday +2

    you could’ve just said they sell pizza

  • neoasura
    neoasura  yesterday +1

    Unfortunately, the closest Costco is 100 miles away from my area.

  • Arm Knee
    Arm Knee  2 days ago +1

    "If Costco is unsatisfied with a product, it just creates its own."
    Damn okay.

  • Fry Szopen
    Fry Szopen  2 days ago

    Better wages makes employees more productive and happier?! It also makes client happier with theirs purchases and possibly more loyal creating a win win situation for the employer?!?!?!?!?!
    Who would have thought

  • LL T
    LL T  2 days ago +1

    Costco lets you buy online, without a membership.

  • Wesley Alth
    Wesley Alth  2 days ago

    Costco has higher skilled workers because they need more forklift and membership support so they would be paid more. This is my theory so might not be true