Dimash's Final World's Best Performance - The World's Best Championships

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • Kazakhstan superstar Dimash returns to The World's Best stage and belts out a beautiful rendition of "Adagio" by Lara Fabian. But after the performance, he informs the judges that he will be removing himself from the competition, paving the way for the show's younger performers to fight for the $1M prize -- a decision not everyone is happy with.


  • Mac  (5 days ago)

    Dimash thank you for coming on the show. It was a huge honor for you to perform even though some of the American judges didn’t realize it. As an American I want to apologize for the wrong doings this show has done to you and the others who performed and were shown the same disrespect. I wish I could have seen the traditional song. Really did. Anyways, hands down best singer and human being on the planet.

  • kiwigirljacks  (5 days ago)

    Why did you not include the comments Dimash made in response to RuPaul saying “you knew what you were getting into”... he stated that in fact, he had been told he would not be competing against children!!!! This has been confirmed by multiple people who were at the taping. Yet you leave that out?!? Dimash... we respect you even more for putting principles over profit!! 🙏💕

  • kiwigirljacks  (1 hour ago)

    Thai Vida I suspect I don’t need to reply to your comment given others have already let you know about the fact that Dimash was lies to. ✌️

  • kiwigirljacks  (1 hour ago)

    Jonathan Vince multiple people who were at the taping (including one of the intl judges) have made public that after RuPaul told Dimash he knew what he was getting into Dimash responded respectfully that he was in fact told he would not be competing against children. Hope that and the other comments clear that up 😊👍

  • Sigita VNK  (5 days ago)

    Dimash is above all this dirty show business where everything is ruled by money, lies and perversions.Before signing the contract, he asked; Will there be children in this competition? And they lied to him !!! They said NO.... I am glad that he refused this circus. Love and respect this man so much.

  • +Carl The Hollywood Deception has been exposed for several years now. Funny how people have all of these techy little devices in their hands and pay high monthly premiums to use them, yet they are unaware of what is going on in the world. Why is this? I refuse to elaborate. Seek it for yourself. And for the record, Dimash is a very welcome visitor imo; a fresh version apart from the beasty meatsticks here already getting dumber by the minute.

  • Carl  (15 hours ago)

    +Feather Locklear Good Eagle can u elaborate more the "sexual perversion and filth" part???

  • Mani van  (5 days ago)

    I think Dimash did the right thing. He is a professional singer who no needs to compete with children. He already has future. He better pave for the kids.

  • Martin Eduardo  (18 hours ago)

    i dont really understand the "competition" itself, this guy (dimash), incluiding the kid from india, are in another level, they all are winners from the beggining, this show is a nonsense. but .. whatever.

  • Vicki Watson  (3 days ago)

    It’s even more impressive if you hear the whole story. Apparently he told the judges before, not after he sang, of his decision and even after their mean spirited comments he still gave that fabulous performance. There is another video with a better explanation and it makes you admire him more. If it were up to me I’d boycott the US judges for not only their unprofessional behavior, but for their lack of human compassion. I’m embarrassed they represent us.

  • David Barrios  (5 days ago)

    He is an angel, an alien but above all a being of light, his planet must be so beautiful that as humans we do not understand, because he carries with him the flag of love. I love you Dimash, God bless every step in your life. #DimashForever

  • Makhmud Galy  (1 day ago)

    You should visit Kazakhstan, then.Thats how his planet is called)

  • Akm Ryspay  (5 days ago)

    David Barrios Amen!

  • ronin4711  (5 days ago)

    Also this competition isn’t fair because you can’t compare martial arts against music or any other than martial arts and music against music!

  • Akm Ryspay  (5 days ago)

    ronin4711 exactly!!!

  • Margie Allen  (5 days ago)

    the editing here is weird. At 3:29, Dimash is taking out earpiece but before that he already has them out. Something fishy with this show. the overproduction was bad enough, but this is just sneaky.

  • Akm Ryspay  (5 days ago)

    Yeah, a jury from KZ said that CBS cut down Dimash’s statements and edited them as it would be beneficial for CBS. And Daneliya (TWB participant) said that they didn’t know at all who they would compete against and who were the participants of TWB. So, it seems that TBW has deceived Dimash and shown him in a bad light!😔😣😠

  • lagona19  (5 days ago)

    they even edit his full statement out about being lied on him that there will be no children , that why he agree to compete in the show. Dimash can sue them if he wants!!! the producers drag him to USA and convince him to compete, lied on him, cutting his performances ,making him looks stupid when he sang all by myself while dressing his national custom then betrayed him and stabbing him in the back while leaving and trying to make him looks bad!!!! i am so upset, so glad he withdrew

  • ProudlyPinayPo  (5 days ago)

    I just unfollowed the World Best,I am watching only because of TNT BOYS and most esp., to my one and only DIMASH, I have nothing against the other contestant,they deserves to win all ,they removed the TNT Boys in favor of the matured and Dimash resigned from the competition in favor of the young contestant,what a matured decision and humble artist he is...My Big RESPECT to DIMASH ,now,He own the World and no one can stop him to fly higher and higher... A million dollar is nothing from a million sta...

  • Jayden Ball  (1 day ago)

    you know what I'm a little worried about? I'm worried if they may have another season and I'm more worried about which artists they are going to hunt next. There are many, many great rising singers in the Phillipines and I'm worried that TWB may prey on them next. I hope all artists in the Phillipines knows not to fall prey for this type of show.

  • Una Zimm  (5 days ago)

    Asian culture is different from western culture. We understand the word RESPECT in the real meaning of respect. We respect ourselves enough not to compete with children. Dimash's talent is waaaaaayyy above this so called world's best competition anyway. u should learn how to respect other people's wishes rupaul

  • Princess pink152  (4 days ago)

    Una Zimm western culture is a piece of crap... here there's no respect for anybody and it's horrible.

  • Andy P.  (5 days ago)

    Respect to you Dimash. Love your work. World class singer who won’t do anything to win. I know that’s a hard concept for a lot of people in the west, speaking as an American. Yes, it’s a contest but, he’s been in enough of those (and won plenty) to have the perspective that governed his decision. Gotta respect him sticking with his conscience.