Road diets: designing a safer street

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Reconfigure the lanes and the traffic will calm.

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    Over the course of the 20th century, the car became America’s dominant mode of transportation. As vehicle miles travelled soared well past the rate of population growth, demands on the roadway surged. Congestion became a major issue. So transportation planners made the roads wider and added traffic lanes.

    Today, we now know that bigger roads and extra traffic lanes do nothing to solve congestion. In fact, it tends to induce even more traffic. So we didn’t fix the congestion issues, and on top of that, we built wide roads that are relatively unsafe.

    Transportation planners in the 21st century recognized that many of the roads that were overbuilt could be redesigned to calm speeding and add space for newer multimodal transportation options. And thus, the road diet was born.

    The video above explains why road diets are implemented, and how planners survey the feasibility of a lane reconfiguration. You can learn more about road diets with the following resources:


  • Monica N
    Monica N  yesterday +1

    Idiots, absolute Idiots. Narrowing lanes, slower movement, decreasing lanes and less traffic? VOX LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Of course this will discourage car use,but you'll have a lot of unsatisfied users. The only people who would benefit are the pedestrians. Not that I have anything against pedestrian, but they are about 5-8% of the users At the very most. It would just annoy 92-95% of the road users, not to mention the cost and closed roads

  • Dan Chapman
    Dan Chapman  yesterday

    Safer ? Who wants traffic to slow down ? If the only concern is making it safer then Make the speed limit 25 mph everywhere . I think we all would be willing to have a few more traffic deaths if it meant getting home 10 minutes faster.

  • Tony Tyler
    Tony Tyler  4 days ago

    this is bullshit.. we are held up by a slower driver and it has destroyed colorado springs co..

  • Tony Tyler
    Tony Tyler  4 days ago

    this destroyed colorado springs..

  • Joe B
    Joe B  7 days ago +1

    It’s obvious that the so called traffic engineers don’t drive on the roads they designed.
    Road diets don’t work however they want to spin it.

  • Guilherme Recordon

    In Utah they have double lanes plus the middle lane

  • Arvind srivatsav
    Arvind srivatsav  12 days ago

    GOD what will these ppl do, if they are buying a car in India

  • Bryan Bailey
    Bryan Bailey  13 days ago

    Counter argument video Where do emergency vehicles go now that cars can not move to another lane?

    • Bryan Bailey
      Bryan Bailey  13 days ago

      "Crash reduction" actually turned into "crash increase" for LA.

  • James  Hoyt
    James Hoyt  13 days ago

    Honestly I rather not have the added congestion and travel time. Some great concepts aren't really fantastic when put into practice.
    Heck how much money would it cost to implement? We barely maintain roads as it is....then when it comes time to do maintenance. Where do you send the traffic? Down the middle blocking all the other people turning left?

  • Uryendel
    Uryendel  13 days ago

    Spoiler alerts: it doesn't work, they are way more accident

  • stopsyco909
    stopsyco909  13 days ago

    Playa del Rey CA sued against road diets since all it did was create traffic as well as create more accidents and hurt the local economy. It also made it so that first responders can't aid since no one can move

  • JesdaG
    JesdaG  14 days ago

    This was a disaster in LA. You cant shrink roads without also investing heavily in mass transit.

  • squkyshoes
    squkyshoes  14 days ago

    Make Santa Monica like this and I will support the local businesses there. Until then, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Brian Bradford
    Brian Bradford  15 days ago

    I would love to see the other side of the argument instead of something so one-sided.

  • Alex Pasch
    Alex Pasch  15 days ago

    Wasn't this the type of crap tried in El Segundo that failed horribly and actually caused not just traffic jams but an increase in traffic?!?!? As with most progressive ideas, good intentions but horrible unintended consequences. I'm sure this makes sense in some instances but it's being perverted; it's the opposite extreme of the 6 lane highway.

  • illogical Mods
    illogical Mods  15 days ago

    More traffic = more stop-start traffic = more pollution

  • Musa Bashir
    Musa Bashir  15 days ago

    Houston needs his

  • Alan Birsingh
    Alan Birsingh  15 days ago

    Nobody is coming out of their cars and riding to work on a bike during winter and rain

  • delzottoj
    delzottoj  16 days ago

    The idea of a road diet is moronic. Its yet another disconnect between idea and execution.

  • John Doe
    John Doe  16 days ago

    You wont get to turn left