Last To Fall Asleep Gets The 10 MILLION DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
  • there are 2 of us, but only 1 diamond play button.... who gets to keep it? the last one to fall asleep that's who. watch the find out who gets it... we got ..... delirious :0 AND THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING


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  • Code Muselk
    Code Muselk  32 minutes ago

    the way 12 is late for them 😂😂

  • Saira Malik
    Saira Malik  3 hours ago

    Is it just me or does say ‘sisters’ crossed out on Grayson ankle. Sorry if I’m wring

  • Knightl Pow
    Knightl Pow  6 hours ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Elin JONES
    Elin JONES  9 hours ago

    Ethan is so funny past round 4

  • Elin JONES
    Elin JONES  9 hours ago

    15:27 - 15:36 made me laugh so hard
    how we spose to pills some spills some pills some Bleeping tea?

  • Sweet Caroline
    Sweet Caroline  10 hours ago

    i thought it said the winner gets 10 million diamond play buttons and i was like-

  • love for paige
    love for paige  11 hours ago

    ethan is wearing a shirt emma made him

  • Nicole Cisneros-Ortiz

    ethan: i think i popped a rib out of place, can you reset me?
    how freaking cute is that and also, wtf. robot 🤖much 👀🤨😂

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi  19 hours ago

    Grayson: pats toast

  • Arjan Singh
    Arjan Singh  20 hours ago +1

    Lowkey need to know the name of the sleepy time tea 😩🤣

  • gother grande
    gother grande  yesterday +1

    gray in baby blue>

  • Grace Willmarth

    absolutely no one:
    not even a ghost:
    Ethan: socks are the key to staying awake
    I have to sleep with socks, like if i don't have socks, i can't sleep. i literally wear socks 24/7

  • ande all the time

    I think the play button should go to the hottest brother which means Grayson you get the diamond play button

  • Danneel Brendly
    Danneel Brendly  2 days ago +2

    Grayson was being so simple then Ethan came along

  • Jameea Gibbs
    Jameea Gibbs  2 days ago

    I wanted Grayson to win😭

  • Sabrina Duckett
    Sabrina Duckett  3 days ago +1

    The "sleepy f**k" battle was excellent!

  • Sabrina Duckett
    Sabrina Duckett  3 days ago

    Pretty sure Ethan's ass was off of the rug several times before "Stage 2" happened, so...pretty sure he's disqualified from the beginning?

  • nicole johnson
    nicole johnson  3 days ago

    Omgg..I'm so Ethan!!

  • Zoes Starfishs
    Zoes Starfishs  4 days ago +1

    I’ll be there when Ethan marrys the play button

  • Ëłïżåbēth Ëłłã Äñńē

    Gray: no I don’t have girlfriend.