Melinda Gates in conversation with Ezra Klein at SXSW

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 11, 2018
  • Vox’s editor at large, Ezra Klein, talks one-on-one with Melinda Gates, co-chair of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in a special live episode of The Ezra Klein Show podcast.

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  • miumiu  (Mar 11, 2018)

    Just FYI the comments are only activated once the live has been completed while the likes/dislikes are from the actual livestream as well.

  • FernandoDante  (Mar 11, 2018)

    It’s ridiculous how the video thumbnail makes Ezra Klein look like the main person here.

  • Nell Vergara  (Mar 12, 2018)

    FernandoDante Well he is the moderator!

  • Yoav Moran  (Mar 12, 2018)

    It's ironic that Melinda Gates speaks here about empowering all people, and the comments section is full with people that feel powerless and take it out on her because she's 1) a woman, 2) a billionaire. I'm glad there are rich people that want to invest in making life better for everyone.

  • Rudy Morrison  (Mar 29, 2018)

    Yoav Moran well the gates aren’t like the other billionaires in Microsoft lol they literally donate all their wealth. Can’t say the same about bezos or Koch’s or Soros lol

  • Finn Driver  (Mar 11, 2018)

    "I mean, come on, you take the walls down, you democratise something, it is better for everybody"*Works at ~99% closed source company*In all seriousness though, this interview was really interesting. Ta.

  • Neil S  (Mar 11, 2018)

    Conversation starts at 2:11 👍🏽

  • Patrick Bateman  (Mar 11, 2018)

    Ezra is actually the worst part of Vox.

  • Rudy Morrison  (Mar 29, 2018)

    Patrick Bateman agreed

  • failtolawl  (Mar 12, 2018)

    Does Ezra Klein have an ego problem? He put himself in front of his guest in the thumbnail and put his name in the title. Who does that? Why does he think he is so important?

  • Dean J  (Mar 19, 2018)

    check what he wrote on himself on Wikipedia in 7 different languages lol...

  • alexander fix  (Mar 14, 2018)

    Because at least to him, he is hosting a show, his show. He has done a few longer interviews of this sort in the past and has done the same then. Now maybe he shouldn't put himself in the title, but then why should any other host? Ellen, Colbert, O'Reilly, John Oliver, etc, do theyball have overinflated egos as well?

  • Szilárd Bernát  (Mar 11, 2018)

    One of the most interesting conclusions on the value of having/not having money. Thank you for the podcast !!

  • Nathan Peroceski  (Mar 11, 2018)

    Anti male undertones much? Delete my comment vox

  • Rudy Morrison  (Mar 29, 2018)

    Triggered much idiot?

  • Saggy T  (Mar 25, 2018)

    So is she just supposed to not tell her experience and lie?

  • TRE BANDZ  (Mar 11, 2018)

    Melinda Gates for President 2020

  • Ian Prado  (Sep 15, 2018)

    Yes. Just yes

  • TRE BANDZ  (Mar 22, 2018)

    Я Ilan Zatonski I’m not an expert on foreign policy but a strong woman like Melinda will surely have greater ideas than me.. I bet she would be able to handle other countries like a boss!.. plus I don’t know what NK is doing rn.. they could be playing us the the fools like Germany did by hosting games.