Endless (official video ) - Lexie刘柏辛🇨🇳 X Robb Bank$🇺🇸 Present by. 出人頭地OTTNO

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 13, 2018
  • In 2017, OTTNO launched the documentary series of 《feat. China》. OTTNO invited famous rappers from all over the world to come to China and work with domestic rappers to create new rap singles, making the music burst out of different sparks due to the collision of Chinese and foreign cultures. We will record the whole process through video and music, pass the most authentic Chinese HIPHOP music to the world, and build a bridge between Chinese and foreign rap cultures.Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ottno_officialMusic: Endless - 刘柏辛Lexie / Robb Bank$


  • Tony ma  11 months ago

    留个名 等一个月火了 来赞我💃💃💃

  • Ray Chris  10 months ago

    HOOK:他们屏住呼吸 脸上笑得僵装满浆糊脑袋 转不停地想哪个世界才是 他们的向往但无论最後哪里都一样ehThey say Imma get it someday right now I'm too youngBut I ain't gonna keep my head down Aint gon Right my wrongs他们问我为什么谁的忙都不帮投来冷漠目光在一旁就像平常刘昱妤Lexie:我不想活我也不想死眼里曾有光像骆驼祥子标错的欺骗的掰弯的道德的量尺挡住了天花板的裂缝和发黄的墙纸所有混沌里的恐惧和嫉恨发芽在这凶险的气氛沉默在一片黑暗里砸碎赌上十瓶心血的毕生行军万里高喊着必胜竖起钢铁脊梁的立正He marching through the bullets putting up the peace signyeah dat peace sign Ah重复关于人海中的小我擦亮眼我只是坟头上一小朵在楚门的世界我们混淆黑白对错在祖坟的面前跪下救赎罪过你一直重复关于人海中的小我擦亮眼你只是坟头上一小朵在楚门的世界我们混淆黑白与对错在祖坟的面...

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  • THEBRIDGE1283  1 years ago

    How is not everyone found this awesomeness yet??

  • St. Florence  4 months ago

    THEBRIDGE1283 kause it’s not on any streaming platforms. Barely any promo on this Gem.

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  • Mindy Wu  11 months ago

    She is gonna be lit

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  • Wang Penda  11 months ago

    Girl version of Keith Ape

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  • Angel Li  9 months ago

    H Tao 神预言?👀

  • 慕谦  1 years ago

    H Tao 滴滴,