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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 30, 2019
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  • BJ C
    BJ C  11 hours ago

    We have known for years that when people assess the risks they face in life, they tend to fear the unknown or unfamiliar over the familiar risks. Hence, our minds tend to fear airplanes vs car rides despite the evidence that car rides are way, way more dangerous.

  • TheHpSauceity
    TheHpSauceity  15 hours ago

    My boss told me that her dr. said she had low blood pressure, and that she should avoid celery, because it actually lowers blood pressure more. Is this a thing?

  • meoww
    meoww  23 hours ago

    5:19 dr. mike looking at carly while talking
    erin: 👀

  • Ben Fisher
    Ben Fisher  yesterday

    He seems kinda gay

  • Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi

    Dr. Mike must be so bored with all these questions about cleanses and detoxifying agents his guests ask all the time.

  • 721reviews
    721reviews  2 days ago

    Shallow fucks who care only about appearence. Fucking instagram influencers, bullshit American teens.

  • Justin Myser
    Justin Myser  3 days ago

    I think she may be allergic to dogs... Looked like she had a skin reaction that spread as the interview went on. Dr. Mike didn't even notice. Lol.

  • Emily Deane
    Emily Deane  3 days ago

    We use ECG’s to check for heart attacks as well... they show up even if the person was completely unaware they had a mild one the day before. I get that taking biotin at those levels are completely unnecessary but no DR should be releasing a patient with chest pain on just a blood test alone????

  • Emily Deane
    Emily Deane  3 days ago

    On Melatonin... I’ve suffered for years with insomnia and whilst hospitalised psychiatrist over prescribed insomnia/sleeping medication for FAR too long to the point where I could not sleep without them. I was working so hard to get of the medication when one day they stopped working all together along with any other psych meds that could potentially help me sleep.

    I went 14 days with no sleep/minimal (like micro sleeps) and ended up having a full on melt down where I cried for well over 4 hours straight. Funnily enough actually cried myself into a decent sleep that night.

    I’d been prescribed melatonin and buying it over the counter was SO expensive and initially it did nothing to help me fall asleep. That’s when a family friend who is an Emergency Room, overnight, weekend NUM suggested I try buying the melatonin from a reputable source she uses online where I was able to get 360 3mg capsules for AU $50 rather than 30 tablets via script for AU $40. Despite having little faith in the Melatonin (even though I have a full understanding of circadian rhythms and the affect of Cortisol vs Melatonin in that rhythm aka Cortisol is in basic terms your awake hormone and Melatonin your sleep hormone that should kick in as darkness begins to kick in) now that I had a reasonable supply I decided just to give taking a capsule a night and see whether it would actually work to help my body to start producing the hormone itself again. And holy shit it worked.

    After the 2 weeks of no sleep, I started getting 2-3 hours at most though 3 months later (mind you was not taking melatonin at this time) I felt the first inklings of actually feeling tired and then falling asleep for 3-4 hours. Around that time I started taking the melatonin and within a month I was getting a solid 8 hours where I would fall asleep around the same time every night and wake up around the same time every morning naturally .

    Melatonin should not be taken for more than 6-12 weeks depending on what Dr you speak to however now anytime I find my insomnia creeping back in I begin my Melatonin regime (1 capsule around 30 min before sleep) and within around 2-3 weeks I no longer need to take it as my circadian rhythm rights itself again and sleep returns to normal.

    I have never in my life, up until putting my faith in Melatonin, actually been able to keep up a healthy sleep routine, sleep through the night or been able to go for long periods without any sleep aids at all.

    If you buy from an ethical and reputable seller online you will save yourself a fortune and end up having the best night/s sleep of your life.

    If you have a normal sleep pattern and normal production of Melatonin then you have 0 need to purchase it. Also Melatonin is a natural hormone created by your body. As far as my research, doctors and my understanding goes the capsules/tablets of melatonin initially help to build up a stock in your body (don’t expect it to work immediately) and encourage your body to begin producing melatonin itself on the reg if taken as intended aka same/similar time each night, not for more than the recommended time limit (6-12 weeks) depending on the type/brand you use and taken every night initially until you begin to feel tired on your own and can sleep through the night without the aid of the artificial melatonin... rather using your bodies own melatonin stores and production.

  • Emily Deane
    Emily Deane  3 days ago

    On IV fluids... I went in to the ER for a migraine that had been going on for over 4-5 days and medication of any kind was simply not working. Anyway they hook me up with some ???? Forget the name but it is a solution where the medication is already prepared and received through IV. I’ve found it incredibly helpful for long term migraines and so I was like yes please just hook me up so I can get back to life... cheer 👍. Problem was I was struggling with my eating disorder and severe anxiety at the time and the migraine had not been helping... aka my HR was WELL above 100. I received 2 full bags of the migraine meds which in itself is a lot of fluid, HOWEVER my HR was still sitting above 100 (normal for me at this stage) and the ER policy is they cannot release someone if their HR is above 100. I explained the situation to the intern, nurses and Reg though given the policy the overseeing consultant was adament I was not to leave until my HR hit the 90’s at least... so I’ve now had 2 full bags of medication prepped in saline... still over 100... it takes another 4 bags minimum to get my HR to drop to 99 for a millisecond on the monitor so the nurse who was looking after me at this point sees 99 hits the off button instantly and is like thank all the Holies out there as I was finally able to be discharged after hours of over care lol.

    I’m not exaggerating when I say I could not go anywhere for the next day and a half as I had to be beside a toilet at ALL times because that saline had to go somewhere given o was not actually dehydrated.... so I was running for the bathroom at least once every half hour. It’s hilarious to look back at but by God it was a nightmare at the time.

    Migraine gone ✅ needing to pee constantly... almost more of an inconvenience than the migraine itself 😭😂

  • Paola Rodriguez
    Paola Rodriguez  3 days ago

    Damn, her getting hives during the video was shocking. Stress is real guys. It happens internally.

  • maria salamon
    maria salamon  4 days ago

    Hi doc you never REPLY ME I WROTE SO MEAN TIME any you are perfect

  • stable child
    stable child  5 days ago +1

    Hes so genuine.

  • TheNuggzt3r
    TheNuggzt3r  5 days ago

    I already like the fact that those girls think there might be some bullshit in those Instagram trends.

  • Dilan Gilluly
    Dilan Gilluly  6 days ago

    Aside from Dr. Mike and a few others, don't take health advice from people who are famous on social media. They typically pitch what earns them money and not necessarily what's actually good for you.

  • Steven Mathews
    Steven Mathews  6 days ago +1

    he hardly even looks at blondie

  • NightOwlHazards
    NightOwlHazards  6 days ago +3

    I like that he looks at the person who asked the question. Lol doctor mode ON.

  • Random stuffy Stuff
    Random stuffy Stuff  6 days ago +3

    Dr.mike be like gets to girls in his house with supermodel looks. Then starts talking medicine the absolute climax of big brain.

  • shessostrange
    shessostrange  7 days ago +1

    I’m sorry......but green tea is awful !

  • Creed Lewis
    Creed Lewis  7 days ago

    This dude's going to have to buy a new couch after those two women sitting there. Probably looks like a 5 gallon bucket of water was spilt once they got up 😂