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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 30, 2019
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  • Diana Horan
    Diana Horan  1 months ago +4049

    just imagine if david was there lmao he would spend the entire video like:
    "is this good for you?"
    "is this bad for you?"

  • Alice Souza
    Alice Souza  1 months ago +5295

    dr mike: eat healthy etc
    me, watching this video eating fries: yeah dr mike you tell em

  • Maria Wright
    Maria Wright  1 months ago +2925

    Dr.Mike is the son in-law everyone’s mother and father wants 😂😭

  • TeamS
    TeamS  1 months ago +1691

    Dr. Mike being annoyed by the supplement industry for 23 minutes straight

  • Manpreetmuskan
    Manpreetmuskan  1 months ago +2172

    All i see:
    ( ) ( )

  • Bob Didlboc
    Bob Didlboc  1 months ago +5448

    Carly and Erin: stares at Dr. Mike the whole time
    Me: too

  • lauryn.
    lauryn.  1 months ago +3176

    you should have asked him about Tati’s Halo Beauty and if essential oils actually do anything for you!

  • Jurja
    Jurja  1 months ago +2151

    I really want Mike to talk about Tati's Halo Beauty supplements, i want to hear his opinion on them, they seem legit

  • Anu R
    Anu R  1 months ago +1194

    sees dr mike's thighs
    scrolling down: well here come the thicc thigh comments...

  • Julia Francisca
    Julia Francisca  1 months ago +1894

    50% i'm actually learning something,
    50% staring at Dr. Mike
    what a great way to learn 💗
    edit: glad 1.8k+ people agreed with me😊

  • YourBestFriend
    YourBestFriend  1 months ago +6702

    I remember when Carly and Erin were in the car one day and Erin was like we need to film with dr. Mike. AGGH I’m so happy for them and love seeing them thrive

  • Emma Bean Simmons
    Emma Bean Simmons  1 months ago +1687

    Very happy to see a doctor who isn’t pushing pills! He genuinely seems to care about people’s health regardless of the money he could make.

  • Siena Ruprecht
    Siena Ruprecht  21 days ago +409

    Dr. Mike: went to medical school, became a doctor, and started a youtube channel to help and educate people
    the comments section: he thiccccccccccccccccc

  • BrysonRants
    BrysonRants  1 months ago +501

    Dr. Mike is LITERALLY the only person that can talk as fast as he can and still be able to pronounce all the words right, even the hard ones.

  • Katie Marie
    Katie Marie  1 months ago +551

    erin: “what about a juice cleans-“
    dr: “-no.”
    me, a girl who has considered juice cleanses on multiple occasions: “PFFTTSHAHAHAHHA”

  • Kieu Nguyen
    Kieu Nguyen  1 months ago +2456

    Sorry is no one going to acknowledge Dr. Mikes hotness. Wow what a ray of sunshine

  • swegsweg
    swegsweg  1 months ago +289

    Dr.Mike crushing fake supplements claims with those THICC thighs

  • Melissa Jenkins
    Melissa Jenkins  14 days ago +59

    Is coffee good for you?: 2:20
    Green tea: 3:06
    Matcha: 4:11
    Chiropractics: 5:12
    Celery juice: 6:32
    Juice cleanse: 7:53
    Boom bod: 7:56
    Fit tea: 9:25
    Melatonin: 10:48
    Biotin: 12:12
    Gummy vitamins: 13:11
    IV’s for beauty/hydration/vitamin: 14:42
    Emergen-C/Vitamin C: 16:36
    Organic foods: 17:53
    Erin’s hypochondria: 18:26

  • Stacey Lynn
    Stacey Lynn  1 months ago +706

    I'm super disappointed green tea won't improve my flexibility 😩🤣

  • whale Academic
    whale Academic  1 months ago +183

    The term "Instagram health trend" sorta debunks itself