Why Do Backwards Wings Exist?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
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  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    Germany at the time must’ve used the research_all command in console

  • Mastacheifa 118
    Mastacheifa 118  yesterday +13

    Came here to learn about backwards wings. Instead learned how to make better forwards wings on KSP.

  • Poo In Da Loo
    Poo In Da Loo  21 days ago +350

    I guess it's about time to fire up kerbal space program again.

  • LSD-Rick B-172
    LSD-Rick B-172  21 days ago +552

    No one, literally no one...
    YouTube Algrorethim: why are wings back wards?!?!?
    Me at 1 AM: idk

  • GraniteCityCarguy
    GraniteCityCarguy  3 days ago +9

    Can't stop watching these videos, so informative and well edited. Great content mate, keep it up!

  • Rash B blin
    Rash B blin  28 days ago +662

    Its not aerodynamic instability, its supermanuverability!

  • garlic69
    garlic69  21 days ago +254

    no one gonna talk about how it looked like that airliner just went vertical?

  • Ice_tee M8
    Ice_tee M8  21 days ago +258

    Why do backwards wings exist? Can't let em know your next move

  • Badr Haddy
    Badr Haddy  21 days ago +266

    Jesus Christ those Nazis are always year ahead of everybody in a ton of domains

  • Rock Rockerson
    Rock Rockerson  21 days ago +83

    YouTube: Why backwards wings?
    Me at 3:53am: I must find out immediately

  • John Ruud
    John Ruud  21 days ago +2706

    Backward wings exist to confuse the laws of aerodynamics so that they don't apply to the plane.

  • AriffNZR 2005
    AriffNZR 2005  2 days ago +1

    Got lost somewhere in the video.
    Not knowing is a knowledge.

  • A fucking Chinese weeb
    A fucking Chinese weeb  21 days ago +272

    Doctor : Normal-sweeping wing X-29 isn't real, it can't hurt you
    Normal-sweeping wing X-29 : 6:45

  • ziploxian
    ziploxian  21 days ago +77

    Already watched a video on this.... there's so many.
    EDIT: Your video has so much more information, I can't imagine how much research you do before a video. Nice job.

  • [̵C̶o̷n̵t̶e̸n̷t̵ ̴D̴e̷l̴e̵t̷e̸d]

    no one:
    youtube recommendations: Why Do Backwards Wings Exist?
    me: Why Do Backwards Wings Exist?

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino  28 days ago +3584

    Cause it looks cool? Duh!

  • deks räikkönen

    Yeah the SU47 Berkut is so much cooler, like any ACE player knows.

  • DJAlbertzz 123
    DJAlbertzz 123  yesterday

    My favorite plane in Jane's fighters anthology was the x-29

  • BigBoi 101
    BigBoi 101  21 days ago +11

    Basically Germans were way ahead of its time

  • Toby Cornwall
    Toby Cornwall  21 hours ago

    Fair play. If you have to get into aeroelasticity then you know it's going to be difficult to explain.