Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 1, 2017
  • In this top 5 scary videos countdown, we take a look at the scariest things caught on camera by GoPro.

    Mysterious videos and scary things caught on tape.

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  • Adora Belle Dearheart

    5. Idiots.

  • Ryne Serna
    Ryne Serna  an hour ago

    God bless that Marine

  • Roblo Escobar
    Roblo Escobar  2 hours ago

    Forget the train what about the knife laying on the tracks at 1:43

  • TimmyDope Gel Balling

    I just realised what scares urban explorers the most... .. other urban explorers...

  • Enrique Martinez
    Enrique Martinez  7 hours ago

    Imagine the marine checking his helmet and he catches another round to the head lol

  • Maklarus Trinity
    Maklarus Trinity  8 hours ago

    100% sure the thing they so 10:00 time was asking it self the same thing why da F*** are people here :D

  • P455w0rd's 16
    P455w0rd's 16  9 hours ago

    The last vid is FAKE 100%

  • Chanda Braids
    Chanda Braids  14 hours ago

    Thats to scary

  • Thundernerd2aBird
    Thundernerd2aBird  14 hours ago

    Sniper no sniping!

  • SaiyanSavage 666
    SaiyanSavage 666  14 hours ago

    Bro tht wasnt a sniper shot it was up close

  • Luna Western Star
    Luna Western Star  15 hours ago

    Random dude: "hey lets go explore a train tunnel in the dark"

    Train almost kills them

    Random dude: surprised pikachu face

  • Rebecca Martinez

    Military only one's prepared. Others have no weapon, bear spray or gun! Insane!

  • Sabre One
    Sabre One  yesterday

    Bear video is way out of context. The bear clearly was trying to scare off the bikers, otherwise it would of just committed to a full pursuit. It's far more likely the bear just simply ran down that trail and the bikers chose to not follow it.

  • jage
    jage  yesterday +1

    If u value your life ( we only have one ) one doesn't do these stupid stunts. Dammit.

  • indria drayton
    indria drayton  yesterday

    Hands down, the scariest one was the sniper. Caught the guy as he stood behind someone else inside. Could barely hear it.

  • Jakub Cerny
    Jakub Cerny  yesterday

    The mtb rider at the end says;
    "Thank fuck you stopped. He was running down that way." The guy was shaking like crazy. That must have been some adrenalin rush!

  • Steve Chan
    Steve Chan  yesterday

    High five

  • Mohammed Bin Goldstein

    Looking for ghosts, but scared of a person. Wow.

  • Secureteam2020
    Secureteam2020  2 days ago

    Tales pf the dumb and dumber.

  • bigwaiv
    bigwaiv  2 days ago

    Last video, probably a reflection. Regardless, did you say, "anyone elks to be there" at 11:05?