The Best Workout Split for MAXIMUM Muscle Gains

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 11, 2018
  • Whether you are following a total body workout split or a bro split (or any variation of) you are going to want to watch this video. Find out the best workout split for building maximum muscle gains and overall performance. There is a key message that you will not want to miss when it comes to answering this question truthfully and without relying on simple studies to do so.When we talk about workout splits we are referring to the way that you break up your training over a period of time. Generally, this is the amount of workouts that it takes to complete one cycle of training and that ensures that you are hitting all of the areas you are attempting to target in your workouts. One of the most popular ways to split up workouts right now is actually one of the oldest in the books, and that is total body training.This refers to performing three total body workouts per week, generally on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday with the remainder of the days either being reserved for conditioning or rest. The benefits to this type of training are the higher focus on compound lifts that are designed to hit maximum muscle in each lift as well as the increased time for recovery.Additionally, as science would indicate, hitting a muscle (even with a lower daily volume) more frequently in a training cycle is one of the most effective ways to make it grow. This would mean that if you were once following a more traditional bro split where you trained say chest just once per week with twelve to sixteen sets you would now be doing it as four to five sets per day over the three days in the week.The restimulation of the chest every 48 hours is sufficient to increase muscle protein synthesis without waiting too long to hit the muscle again (as would happen with a bro split - or at least a poorly planned one). Does that mean that bro splits don’t work? Not at all. In fact, this is one of those instances of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Nobody could argue that the single muscle group per day routine has been effective for some. Maybe not as much as total body training, but there are many instances of it working well, and quite well to be exact.How can that be? How can something that is somehow proven by science to be inferior actually produce results that in some cases are superior? That is because the real best way to split your workout for maximum gains is to switch what you are doing when you can honestly answer that you have stopped making gains in either strength, size or both. Just because something is supposed to be the best doesn’t mean that it is best for you at this time. Changing your split may reveal to you that certain muscle groups of yours are more responsive on a different training cycle.The best you could do at that point is take the observations that you have made and use them to adapt your workout plan to idealize the volume and frequency that your body responds to the best. This video is meant to open your eyes to that possibility. If you are looking to change your current workout split and want to be sure you are putting the latest science into your workouts to make sure you get it right, head to the link below to pick the program best suited to your goals.For more videos on how to split up your workouts and the best workout splits for strength and muscle size, be sure to subscribe to the link below.Build Muscle in 90 Days - to this channel here -


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  • no no
    no no  3 months ago +2288

    Now I have absolutely no idea what to do in the gym...

  • Niall Blair
    Niall Blair  4 months ago +1917

    My split something like:
    Monday: right arm
    Tuesday: right arm
    Wednesday: right arm
    Thursday: right arm
    Friday: right arm
    Saturday: right arm
    And Sunday: right arm.
    I focus mostly on forearm and grip strength

  • max marck
    max marck  5 months ago +1752

    My split:
    Day 1: Head
    Day 2: Shoulders
    Day 3: Knees
    Day 4: Toes
    Day 5: rest
    Day 6: Knees
    Day 7: Toes

  • Adam Varga
    Adam Varga  7 months ago +1944

    1. bicep curl
    2. bicep curl
    3. bicep curl
    4. flexing bicep
    5. bicep curl
    6. bicep curl
    7. leg day( aka day off... aka leg extension machine for bicep curls)
    gitter done!

  • Modern Western
    Modern Western  9 months ago +4217

    Jeff with a shirt WTF, it is probably a weighted shirt

  • Too Slick
    Too Slick  1 months ago +294

    Jeff should have a series called “straight to the point videos”

  • Winter W
    Winter W  3 months ago +459

    my split:
    Mon - McDonald
    Tue - KFC
    Wed - Popeyes
    Thu - In n out
    Friday - five guys
    Sat - pizza hut
    Sun - rest day. only ice cream and coke

  • Austin Kandalaft
    Austin Kandalaft  4 months ago +452

    When people start off with.. “Jeff Cavaliere says” then I know they are about to spit some real knowledge!

  • John Isaac Paulino
    John Isaac Paulino  1 months ago +294

    Core workouts: am I a joke to you?

  • King Bubby
    King Bubby  9 months ago +3066


  • StarNBars94
    StarNBars94  2 months ago +276

    Honestly, I've always found what works best for me is whatever split I can be consistent with.
    Once that gym honeymoon phase is over and life throws curveballs at you, whatever split gets me excited to go to the gym is what I go with.

  • BajaDeezNutz
    BajaDeezNutz  7 months ago +690

    Dom would tell you... you’re wrong bro. Everyday is chest and bis. It’s practically one word. Chestandbis.

  • The Butcher
    The Butcher  6 months ago +347

    This is the 4th time I've watched the video. THIS TIME I actually took notes and pressed pause as I wrote. I heard him say things I didn't hear the first 3 times. He is like a ripped text book.

  • HyperMous3
    HyperMous3  1 months ago +69

    Monday: put your right foot in
    Tuesday: put your right foot out
    Wednesday: put your right foot in
    Thursday: shake it all about
    Friday: Do the hokey pokey
    Saturday: and turn yourself around
    Sunday: Rest

  • Aryan Khanna
    Aryan Khanna  9 months ago +1161

    I bet jeff ties weight to his nuggets before dipping it in sauce

  • Virasman
    Virasman  4 months ago +113

    "Arm Day on Friday is key"
    I felt the sarcasm on that one

  • Alexander Hirst
    Alexander Hirst  5 months ago +165

    "No upper chest" - cos they're probably comparing jeff to roid heads.

  • zak marker
    zak marker  3 months ago +54

    What kind of psychopath commits a whole day to triceps or biceps??

  • El Dailon
    El Dailon  1 months ago +39

    If Jeff just told me what I need to do without any type of explanation I would believe him