An Engine Fire Destroyed my Ferrari F355

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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  • 2jz swapped bentley  9 months ago

    Next tavarish video:I BOUGHT THE CHEAPEST MANUAL 355 IN THE US

  • RoadCarReviews  20 hours ago

    The funny thing is; Tavarish bought it

  • Mackenzie Hopkinson  9 months ago

    @2jz swapped bentley that would be a very good trade

  • Craig Shovlin  8 months ago

    The Ferrari decided it would rather commit suicide than let Parker drive it another mile

  • Joe S.  2 months ago

    For The last time, his name is Porker.

  • Captain_Oofity  2 months ago

    hahah Ferrari yeeted its existence

  • J B  9 months ago

    Doug Demuro is in his Ford GT laughing maniacally

  • pifftalk88  1 months ago


  • Viper ACR 62  3 months ago

    adam nelson Doug DeMuro wasn’t driving.... Parker was

  • cg8wood  9 months ago

    Someone warned you about this 5 months ago: "Previous F355 owner here. It doesn't look like the PO ever did the fuel block recall. This is IMPORTANT. Please inspect to make sure because people have died as a result of this defect."

  • Bradley Willmott  1 months ago

    Tavarish Tavarish you wouldn’t know due-diligence if it jumped up & bit you on the a$$

  • Enzi Gee  4 months ago

    MrUbuntuking you’re an idiot. One of the biggest I’ve ever encountered on the internet.

  • JoTokutora  9 months ago

    Parker: "5 ways things I hate about burning a Ferrari 355"

  • william Strachan  2 months ago

    adam nelson ur Down syndrome

  • First Rob’s hood and now the Ferrari. Parker has bad luck.

  • Butters Stotch  9 months ago

    Have you tried turning it off and on again??

  • alanmeires  1 months ago

    Butters Stotch maybe a bit of superglue might sort it out ? Lol

  • Bri  9 months ago

    OMG Did they kill Kenny? You bastards!

  • Adam Babylonian  9 months ago


  • KaiiKiller  2 days ago

    *slaps burned car*

  • awdrifter3  4 months ago

    Tavarish will try to flex tape it back together.

  • broomsterm  9 months ago

    I have a $20 fire extinguisher in my 2006 Dodge Caravan.

  • Mr. Allie  1 months ago

    That's what he gets for not thinking the same way.

  • Gorky D  4 months ago

    Yes, but why weren't you driving your 2006 Dodge Caravan behind his Ferrari so he could actually use it?

  • Luca Mongiardo  19 hours ago

    You said "just doin't rev it too high".. its a Ferrari. YOU HAVE TO REV IT TOO HIGH

  • Dank Memes  2 days ago

    You'd never see an American or Japanese car doing this.