Tumblr Awards v32

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • These are the Tumblr Awards. yes. ok. Wanna binge? http://smarturl.it/BingeTumblrAwards

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  • Comment Awards
    Comment Awards  2 months ago +823

    Sorry this is late I’m uploading it on my phone from class omegalul

  • Prod. Bassment
    Prod. Bassment  2 hours ago

    actually. math is a yellow subject. spanish is blue, history is green, and science is red. @me. even better than that, pull up on me and lets fight. or you could agree with me. in that case, pull up on me and i can give you cookies and milk and shit.

  • Weirdogirl 101!!!
    Weirdogirl 101!!!  5 hours ago

    English: green
    Science: Blue
    Social studies: yellow or white (sometimes blue)
    Math: Red.

  • Person Gaming
    Person Gaming  12 hours ago

    No science is blue

  • vegas gravestones
    vegas gravestones  19 hours ago

    math is green

  • NotMe NotYou
    NotMe NotYou  yesterday

    No math is blue and english is red and American history is litterally just a pic of a train.

  • Tommy Yonkura
    Tommy Yonkura  yesterday

    Math is red
    History is blue
    English is green
    Get it right or get out

  • Legendz FILMS
    Legendz FILMS  yesterday

    Math is red
    English is green

  • 8BitFerret
    8BitFerret  yesterday

    Science is always green

  • Summer Weeks
    Summer Weeks  2 days ago

    Math is green
    Reading and writing are red
    Science is bigger green
    Gym is orange
    Social Studies is yellow

  • Sundae
    Sundae  2 days ago

    Math is a red subject for me
    And english was yellow :0

  • Mr.G ameguide
    Mr.G ameguide  3 days ago

    Math is red
    English is Yellow
    Science is Green
    and social is Blue
    fight me if you have any other opinion

  • El Churaco De Doggo

    0:04 the guy on the far right has taken it to the next fucking level

  • EnderFlurry
    EnderFlurry  3 days ago

    You are right. I am disgusted to merely think that I had say in this conversation

  • promontorium
    promontorium  3 days ago

    Wtf is not an acronym. Acronyms are pronounced as words. Wtf is just an abbreviation.

  • EnderFlurry
    EnderFlurry  4 days ago

    English: Green
    Maths: Blue
    Science: Yellow
    History: Orange

  • min yoongi is the reason i breathe

    maths: red
    english: blue
    science: purple
    history: green
    languages: yellow

  • Twitchyboi
    Twitchyboi  4 days ago

    8:49. Like this:
    Giraffes. The sixth letter of giraffe is f. The sixth letter of the alphabet? Also f. Illuminati has two letters in common with giraffe, i and a. six divided by two is three. There are three sides on a triangle. Illuminati confirmed.

  • This Is Just Riddikulus

    Math is fucking green fucking fight me
    And English is red

  • Kelly Corless
    Kelly Corless  5 days ago

    math: blue
    english: purple
    social studies: red
    science: green
    foreign language: yellow
    philosophy: black
    yes my elementary school had philosophy class don't fucking @ me