Red Dead Redemption 2: Beginner's Guide | What to know before you start playing

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is a colossal game, with tons of systems and missions. Here's what we wish we knew when started playing the game.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: for more gaming and entertainment coverage, visit


  • KnowBody 322
    KnowBody 322  9 months ago +225

    I wanna be a cowboy baaybee

  • Doktor
    Doktor  9 months ago +92

    SIDE TIP: Upgrade your living quarters in your camp ASAP. It will cause other gang members to contribute more money to the camp.

  • Matt
    Matt  9 months ago +88

    Don't loot dead bodies in towns!
    Shot at a bunch of rival gang members, because they shot first. So I then went to loot and people were like "nah man, I know he tried killing you, but looting through his dead body is too much." Damn marshalls were on me quick.

  • Paradox Acres
    Paradox Acres  9 months ago +156

    Does it make you FEEL like a cowboy..?

  • Snazzy Azzy
    Snazzy Azzy  7 months ago +5

    ALWAYS bring a horse revive with you (atleast 1). I guarantee you'll need it.

  • thank you kindly
    thank you kindly  9 months ago +75

    Listen Dave, I respect your choices, but that camp will be tricked out immediately because I try to play every game I come in contact with like it's a city builder.

  • Redmist 78
    Redmist 78  9 months ago +73

    Going from Assassin's Creed to this will be a biiiiig change.

  • huggable friendo
    huggable friendo  9 months ago +21

    you have an extremely nice voice

  • davelanger
    davelanger  9 months ago +4

    Best tip, hold in options/start to go quickly to the map

  • Otacon Arcadia
    Otacon Arcadia  9 months ago +22

    Dave should do more a/v work outside of Quality Control, he's very well spoken

  • Jacob J
    Jacob J  9 months ago +7

    See you Space Cowb-... Wait

  • Andre Pilli
    Andre Pilli  9 months ago +2

    I watched pretty much all videos of this kind on yt and this is by far the msot helpful. Thanks!

  • NomadJae
    NomadJae  9 months ago +13

    Well god damn you got a voice of gold

  • Ali hussein
    Ali hussein  9 months ago +12

    Can it beat Knack 2 though?

  • 23icefire
    23icefire  9 months ago +6

    Thank you kindly for this info, I can't wait to step back into that crazy crazy cowboy world.

  • Javier
    Javier  7 months ago +1

    What I would like to know before playing this is how heartbroken I will be when i finished.

  • poobumbutt
    poobumbutt  9 months ago +2

    I feel like every single tip here could be shortened to "take it slow". Oh, and "eat chewing tobacco".
    Seriously though, I liked the video. Now to move onto the "review" (read: video thesis).

  • Mpegforever
    Mpegforever  9 months ago +3

    GOTY now. And GOTDecade too, right ??

  • MegaPerson012345
    MegaPerson012345  14 days ago

    Awww the horses are adorable. They do a lot of things real horses do. Kudos to the developers.

  • armed dane
    armed dane  8 months ago +1

    In the first big fight you get in to (mission start's with the guy who is tied to the tree, in horse-shoe overlook - think it's Kiren?)
    I win the battle against the O'Driscoll's - the others leve and i was in the house emptying the chimney and wondering if i should take the dubble barreled shotgun, hanging there.
    While doing this the WANTED sign comes on. I rode away from the place, but slowly so i might find out who told the police !!
    I just said unknown !!
    So be sure to take the loot, then you can ride back.
    Anyone else who had the same experience ??
    Sorry about my English 👋