Scribblenauts Mega Pack - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018
  • Get the best of Scribblenauts with Scribblenauts Mega Pack! Two classic games with ALL-NEW content to explore!
    Scribblenauts Unlimited - Journey into Maxwell and Lily’s world as you use the power of your imagination to solve exciting puzzles in endless ways. Discover the story of Maxwell’s 41 siblings and create unique objects of your own to share online with your friends!
    Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure - Challenge your wits in an epic adventure against earth’s mightiest villains! Invent your own alter ego with the Hero Creator. Join your favorite DC Comics super heroes to explore iconic all-new locations like TITANS TOWER & BELLE REVE and restore order to the universe.
    With Scribblenauts Unlimited & Scribblenauts Unmasked combined, the fun is limitless!

    Scribblenauts Mega Pack is available now!

    #NintendoSwitch #ScribblenautsMegaPack

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  • VGG Brayden  (Sep 18, 2018)

    I can finally play Scribblenauts Unmasked(I only had unlimited)

  • Tyler Dean 2nd Channel  (Nov 13, 2018)


  • Colin GZ // Gamer Boy  (Oct 18, 2018)

    VGG Brayden I only had unlimited and showdown

  • xXLordKarnageXx  (Sep 18, 2018)

    Who's Ready for the Next Nintendo Direct in the Future?

  • Violet Caster  (Oct 1, 2018)

    Here here!

  • Pikachu18  (Sep 29, 2018)

    *_(Screams happily)_* I'm ready!!!!!

  • DrKendoCommentaries  (Sep 18, 2018)

    As the sole YouTube authority on Scribblenauts, I will say, this game is very close to the 2012 version of Unlimited/2013 version of Unmasked, but there are a few things of note.While they've added content, they've also taken away certain things or certain abilities. My channel has a video about how this game compares to the older versions, so that will help you make an informed decision, but also of note is "No, this Mega Pack version does not include any of the Nintendo characters or 5th Cell m...

  • AgentFrenchFry  (Oct 7, 2018)

    very helpful, thanks for telling us

  • ShrimpBalloon  (Sep 26, 2018)

    Cool, still advertising

  • Vin Enri  (Sep 18, 2018)

    *Maxwell for Smash Bros. Ultimate!*

  • Arthur Hastings  (Sep 25, 2018)

    Iron man, spiderman and doctor strange for smash

  • Herokid_Playz  (Sep 20, 2018)

    Yeah, he would be a cool character

  • Mari o  (Sep 18, 2018)

    Loved playing scribblenauts on my DS when I was younger. Really tempted to buy this.

  • Colin Smith  (Oct 7, 2018)

    Same, I loved my playing it on my Nintendo 3DS XL! I can't wait to play on the Nintendo Switch! 😃

  • E-fé D. Buzzin  (Sep 19, 2018)

    I loved unlimted. It had a whole world to make your own. I remember turning the world tree into a world market adding colloseums, pagodas, citizens, etc. Then i got bored and released medusa and had a guard of wizards try and defend the city. It was the lil things that made me love it.

  • Arthur the Cat  (Sep 18, 2018)

    Who here remembers super scribblenauts for the DS? Or is it just me?

  • AlexAsylum  (Dec 1, 2018)

    Game was basically my childhood.

  • Susie / ThatCappy  (Sep 22, 2018)


  • Pickles in the making  (Sep 18, 2018)

    but does it have the exclusive zelda and mario content

  • DrKendoCommentaries  (Sep 20, 2018)


  • Pickles in the making  (Sep 20, 2018)

    +DrKendoCommentaries ): at least I have your creations (:

  • Quicu lindo  (Sep 18, 2018)

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E .... In my opinion, this is the most creative game franchise!

  • -Lord  (Sep 18, 2018)

    Gearmo Pokemon is basically the opposite of creative

  • TheTyphoon365  (Sep 18, 2018)

    +Quicu lindo Yeah I love Scribblenauts too, played it all the time on my DS when I was young

  • Bowser The Koopa  (Sep 18, 2018)

    That's cool and all, but when are we getting the next main game? The party game left a lot to be desired.

  • Paul Novacek  (Sep 24, 2018)

    Actually no, that could prove to be quite chaotic

  • Paul Novacek  (Sep 24, 2018)

    Scribblenauts Online?

  • After the disaster known as Scribblenauts Showdown, I am glad we are getting this game.

  • Sheriff Bigby Wolf  (Sep 19, 2018)

    Cat Daddy 26 The original Scribblenauts was pretty bad considering it's...control scheme

  • penguin dude  (Sep 18, 2018)

    Cat Daddy 26 I know but the world may never know what the company might think of next. Either a another bad game or good game