The Four Reasons Why Milan Lucic Attacked Mathieu Joseph - Beer League Heroes

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 8, 2018
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    #Edmonton #Oilers colorman Bob Stauffer goes on a rant regarding the Milan #Lucic incident.

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  • The Truth Hurts
    The Truth Hurts  8 hours ago

    If Bruins had Lucic in the playoff finals last year they win the cup against the Blues.

  • the prophet
    the prophet  21 days ago

    s*** he's lucky here!!! that was back in the 80s he probably would have got to stick to the face..

  • Donkinbuck
    Donkinbuck  21 days ago

    to bad I don't play against you in beer league you fkn homer while your laying there ill skate by and say sorry shit happens!!

  • Donkinbuck
    Donkinbuck  21 days ago

    cause surely you haven't a fkn clue, any hit isn't boarding you fkn idiot

  • Donkinbuck
    Donkinbuck  21 days ago +1

    Licic is washed up and hes lucky Domi doesn't play anymore,

  • Donkinbuck
    Donkinbuck  21 days ago

    fuck you ya fkn idiot announcer probly never played in his life STFU!!

  • BuzzFeedRight
    BuzzFeedRight  21 days ago

    If that had happened 10 years ago he would've got popped in the head no glove if this had happened 20 years ago the refs wouldve let him tear his face off if this had happened 40 years ago the refs wouldve let them play and lucic wouldve given that kid brain damage.

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan  21 days ago +1

    All the Lucic haters just realizing the guy is a stellar teammate? Lmao ignorant pricks.

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan  a months ago

    The guy is lucky he didn't get his face knocked in and his teeth knocked out.

  • CraaZzyGluee
    CraaZzyGluee  a months ago

    How can anyone respect that? Lol
    At 0:16 « interference » the fuck are you on? Nugent-Hopkins had the puck 0,5 seconds ago and they are already in contact when hes touching the puck, then all i hear is whining about physical plays, then boom, i see a guy get hit open ice when the play is already in the other corner. Lol all i see is a big cry baby lucic that cant take a loss and keeps being a little bitch picking on smaller guys lol

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith  a months ago

    Come on this guy needs to be knocked down and the only guy in the league right now they can do it is Johnson orOr just look at some of these previous photos of Johnson come on the guy is 6 foot five 250 pounds

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith  a months ago +1

    He’s no match for him come on this guy is like like Clocclark Gills Johnson

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith  a months ago +1

    I like to see him toSomeone on the I want to try that on the New York islanders and he’ll have his face we arranged by Rooss Johnson

  • Brad Olson
    Brad Olson  a months ago

    Lucic did this the Wussy way. Punching a man when he’s down? Be a man.

  • I.C. Wieners
    I.C. Wieners  a months ago

    LMAO and 7 months later he is a joke to pretty much everyone.

  • billybob lillybob
    billybob lillybob  a months ago

    Lucic could have killed the guy but he didn't even take off his gloves. He was being as nice as he possibly could while leaving no ambiguities that Joseph's behavior was unacceptable.

  • James Morrison
    James Morrison  a months ago

    What a little bitch !! Can’t stand up like a man ! Lucic rocks him. Good

  • Tony V
    Tony V  a months ago

    Fuck Tampa. Nobody cares about this team anyways. All the so called experts were raving and ranting about how they were gonna win the cup last year and got smoked in the first round by a wildcard team. Even with all the talent they have.

  • LightningDogg
    LightningDogg  a months ago +1

    Maybe Joseph needed a wake up call, maybe he didnt. He was a 21 year old rookie last year with exactly 1 season in AHL prior. His game is speed, not power. The reason he got challenged was because he was a rookie. The only missed penalty I saw was probably boarding. That commenter talking about interference? Give me a break. That happens 100 times a game. Lucic is a cement head goon and always has been. He won't be pulling that sh*t this year with Maroon & Witkowski on the ice for TBL.

  • Todd Kirichkow
    Todd Kirichkow  2 months ago

    Fuck him up Lucic!!