Oldest Technologies Scientists Still Can't Explain

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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    Human beings are capable of building incredible structures, from the latest cutting-edge office blocks to artistic sculptures. Cathedrals, sporting arenas, and monuments all over the world are a testament to our creative skill as a species. In the modern era though, we have technology to help us, from huge mechanical drills to laser cutting curved glass. Builders didn’t have these luxuries in ancient times, so how did they manage to create some of the ancient wonders we’re about to show you in this video? Science still doesn’t have the answers.

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  • bo jackson
    bo jackson  8 hours ago


  • Russell Dahlquist

    Nan Midol is made of basalt rock. Not coral.

  • JBrady235
    JBrady235  2 days ago +1

    The pond that was drained and revealed a hidden carved cave undergound in China does not have hieroglyphics on the wall, there are tool marks that resemble a scoop like tool leaving its indentation on the surface all throughout, It is something that Brian Forester I believe made conclusion of this.

  • Thomas Kallmyr
    Thomas Kallmyr  2 days ago

    Ett UFO,som utgått ifrån ett Amerikanskt Hangarfartyg i Medelhavet,utanför Italiens kust,fick skulden för ett Radioaktivt Läckage,ehuru Hangarskeppet vart Kärnkraftsdrivet-då tog UFOt-som överkommits billigt vid AREA 51-Roswellbasen,på en Tur/Retur-resa,förbi det EGENTLIGA LÄCKAGET-det som syns som en Vit/Röd-skorsten i Bakgrunden,ett ITALIENSKT kärnkraftverk,som vart det som spårades av Hangarfartygets Strålningstekniker,som KÄLLAN-för läckaget ut i Medelhavet vid Italiensk kust.Så den korrupta idéen att skulla på "Yänkarna" denna gången,slog slint.UFO-t cirkulerar medvetet ovanför båten,mitt framför Kärnkraftsverket,bredvid den contaminerade Italienska Floden-filmat första gången av Professor Strambabolo 36 år från Schweiz,han satt tydligen u Båten,så det vart väl hans "låtsas-kompis Mollgan" som filmade då...eller...nån gjorde det...och ÄKTA 53 sekunder av U.F.O. är det::E.T.-Phone home......man ser Magnetskuggorna som vita Tårtbits-formade snurrande 120 graders vinkel-fullständigt fantastiskt....detta bekräftar rykten om att Amerikanarna har verkligen U.F.O.n i sin Flotta-det ska vara FEM stycken,varav tre fungerar perfect-som synes ett av dem....Escargency Research & Rescue-Tempus Omnius Revelat-Historiska Tillrättalägganden av Thomas Escargency-kallmyr

  • burnbabyburn 2026
    burnbabyburn 2026  3 days ago +1

    Those boxes where to persuve there tech from the flood thats why there empty they hid the tech from us .

  • burnbabyburn 2026
    burnbabyburn 2026  3 days ago

    The reason they clam not to know . they would have to release the tech and that mite wake us up with memory .so they will never know and always lead us the wrong way

    ODDLESS  3 days ago

    "the workers at the time had no such instruments".... your closed minded attitude to this topic is the reason you are lost and confused as to how the work was accomplished, also one does not need to be a "scientist" to utilize their brain, do research and produce a viable result.

  • KLJF
    KLJF  3 days ago +1

    anyone who believes these structures were made by normal humans is just not thinking . sad that so many people cant THINK .

  • Will Ernst
    Will Ernst  3 days ago

    You dont look at a granite countertop and say "I can't see any chisel or tool marks, must defy science or be aliens" this is ridiculous

  • Will Ernst
    Will Ernst  3 days ago

    Everything "science still can't explain" is a bunch crap. There have always been tools to carve stone.... they are called harder stones or metals. Humans had the ability to shape stone since our very first ancestors carved stone tools. This "no tools existed to carve this" is a bunch of illinformed crap.

  • P. Kelly Stark 939393

    All of these rocks weren't carved. It was one big rock that broke to pieces because of earth quake

  • Tymas X
    Tymas X  4 days ago

    Ever heard of hard work and perseverance? Also, loads of things were built by slave labor, meaning the engineers and designers didn't care about the numbers of people used or their safety, nor did they care how long it took

  • #Tobi DC
    #Tobi DC  4 days ago

    all this ancient buildings may have been built by slaves, since they are used for pretty much anything in stone age..

  • 99goat99
    99goat99  5 days ago

    PEOPLE: Beware anything that claims "scientists can't explain it". Why? Because that's usually (but not always) untrue. Also, most of the time the author/s of such media often hint that the true origin must be aliens or the inhabitants of the lost continent Atlantis, or some other fantastic claim. If the knowledge has been lost of how to duplicate humanity's achievements from the distant past, that doesn't mean the answer is alien or supernatural. We get this over the great pyramids of ancient Egypt all the time. Many civilizations that once existed have disappeared for one reason or another. Many simply died out, or were slowly absorbed by another culture. Some were conquered and absorbed (or eliminated) that way. When a person dies, any knowledge they held that wasn't fully passed on to the next generation is lost, awaiting to be rediscovered. The same is true of families, and entire cultures. Humans can be very resourceful and clever, all the way back to our origin. Some construction methods were indeed lost to time, but modern science has rediscovered many of them (certainly not all). Keep in mind that if the answer to any question you can ask isn't readily available right now, that DOES NOT mean the answer is aliens / god/s or magic. It means the top minds researching the thing don't know right now. Not knowing should never ever encourage anyone to jump to the wilder conclusion that aliens did it, or gods or demons, etc etc. Sadly, it seems to be a very human tendency to do exactly that - however, once you realize this, you can be inoculated against ever doing it again. Looking for factual answers through the scientific method is what produces results. This is true in all areas of scientific discipline. Medicine, genetics, geology, paleontology, astrophysics, quantum mechanics...etc etc. The fact that you are reading this on a computer, virtually instantly, and possibly on the other side of our planet from me, is just one example. The smart phone in your pocket is a computer capable of doing more than your first desktop PC was. What computers can do today is so far ahead of just 20 years ago, even the youngest person reading this can likely remember a time when video games weren't as crisp or advanced as they are today even 5 years ago. Imagine trying to figure out what a computer is or what it does without controlled electricity or ALL of its components in working order. It would be a funny looking paperweight. You get the point (I hope). Cheers, thanks for reading!

  • geckotrap
    geckotrap  5 days ago +3

    If a stone map of the Urals was "constructed" 120 million years ago, the "Urals" as they are today, didn't even exist!

  • The Architect
    The Architect  5 days ago

    11:49 Because people back then weren't capable of moving dirt and mud, and there were incapable of building weak stone walls. Only people of the future can do that.

  • The Architect
    The Architect  5 days ago

    Could've just been some dude with a stick...

  • TheBluetoo99
    TheBluetoo99  5 days ago

    'effing hate GRAMMARLY.

  • Jennifer MacLean
    Jennifer MacLean  6 days ago

    Unicorns and rainbows forever

  • Alex Treasure Hunter

    When will we admit these two things. That they lied to us and they have no , none , nadda, zilch, zero, Sweet F- All knowledge of the age of these structures. it is quite obvious that we have had many extinction level events and a new species emerges and gets wiped out and one somewhere emerged with advanced intelligence in the various evolutionary trails left. The pyramids were merely occupied and they had no way of ever building these monumental accomplishments. The Egyptians during that time were one step out of the cave and to think that a species of human that had not invented the wheel yet could have made a pyramid. Snap out of it and look at what is obvious because we know how the government has always been truthful... NOT.
    The most logical theory to me is that they had tech to melt or liquefy stone and it would harden again back to its Solid state. The best evidence is Puma Punku and go and watch some videos and you can see that the stone was liquefied and put in bags where they hardened . The close fits could have only been done in a liquid state and then hardened similar to concrete. The best sign they were bags was that the comers of the bags ore showing. Ya thats right Harvard i said it and i will bring truth to the world that you bury me and others in to keep the truth from the truthers and the evil that never sleeps but they flag us for truth and they capture Mr M. K. Ultra and lead him to the gallows and he thinks he shot 82 people but the voices in his head sdfff tell him he did it for country. The poor bastard was one of the last to leave that Montreal secret hell hole to finish something he believes is real. being watched while committing events that will forever change the world.
    I am the littlest Hobo and moving place to place droppng truth bombs along the way in the hopes of creating a puzzle to solve and find truth. This is the first part of what will be a project to just start the real progress.Puma Punku
    Just to clarify this is all fictional past and a hint from Las Vegas and not me but words of the past and I have never been anything but a truther Canadian and should not be taken as something that willl happen because it is all Catcher in the Rye history of past events so dont pussy out and act like a little girl