My All Time Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 17, 2016
  • Here are my all-time favorite drugstore makeup products! Here are my affordable and favorite makeup products!Don't miss out, Subscribe!♡ ♡ ♡ DISCOUNT CODES:ELCIE COSMETICS - CODE - “Jaclyn10”MORPHE BRUSHES: CODE: “JACATTACK” FOR A DISCOUNTSIGMA BRUSHES:click this link: discount code “JACLYN" at checkout for 10% offFree shipping on orders of $50HAIR EXTENSIONS: code "jaclyn" for $5 off a pair of extensions for yourself.BELLAMI Hot tools: ENTER 'jaclyn160' for $160 off the 6 in 1 Curler 'jaclyn70' for $70 off the straightening iron. GEEK:♡ ♡ ♡ CONNECT WITH ME!!!MY PO BOX301 W. Platt St #632 Tampa FL 33606INSTAGRAM:JaclynhillTWITTER:JaclynhillSNAPCHAT:JaclynrhillBusiness inquiries only:(I am no longer booking clients)♡ ♡ ♡ MY FAVORITE LASHES - VELOUR LASHES: code: "JACLYNVELOUR" for 15% off your total purchase!FLUTTER LASHES: code: "JH15OFF" for 15% off!♡ ♡ ♡ PRODUCTS MENTIONED:Loreal Magic Lumi Primer Loreal True Match Lumi Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Jane Bronzer Milani 'Luminoso' BlushNYX Blushes ELF Blush Palette Maybelline Gel Liner Loreal Carbon Black Mascara Rimmel Lash AcceleratorLoreal Infallible Eyeshadow NYX Butter GlossMaybelline Color Elixers Maybelline Lipsticks Milani 'nude creme' Lipstick * SOME links provided above are affiliate links! I am compensated based on some affiliate purchases.


  • Erin Martin  3 years ago

    Her teeth are brighter than my future.

  • Christina Bunch  11 days ago


  • Bertha  3 years ago

    Lol 😂😂😂😂 mine too this comment made my day

  • Victoria Legakis  2 years ago

    You look exactly like Vanessa from Bee Movie 😂

  • Kristina Savic  1 years ago

    Victoria Legakis OMFFFG

  • nat  3 years ago

    *cries bc maybelline and l'oreal test on animals and I ain't about that life*

  • Same

  • Juliet Beneke  6 months ago

    Covergirl does too!

  • Serein Wu  3 years ago

    OMG I am making a list and running to the drugstore. If it's Jaclyn approved, I know I'll like it :-)

  • Terraria boy99  1 years ago

    Hey JAlyn hill pick this up it is mayblline New York great lash waterproof mascara

  • Terraria boy99  1 years ago

    Hey jaclyn hill go pick this up it is the Estée Lauder sensuous nude Per film

  • Sidney Antonelli  2 years ago

    Holy crap this is only 6 months ago but she looks so different

  • Madeline B1  3 years ago

    I'm getting very Rachel from friends vibe with your hair like this! Loving it

  • Yara Domiati  3 years ago


  • Janice Hanson  3 years ago

    How about a doing your Mom's makeup? For your older subbies. ❤️

  • The Cutts Family  1 years ago

    Janice Hanson that would be a GREAT idea!!!

  • Ginger daan  1 years ago

    Purple Cottage College Mom lol tati looks waaaay older than she really is

  • Natalie Martinez  1 years ago

    I miss this Jaclyn. Natural lips, natural glow, still has a friendly personality..........please come back!

  • Jordan Walker  3 months ago

    Natalie Martinez yeah she's super scary looking now😳

  • Miran Marie  3 years ago

    How come we never see some of these products in your tutorials? I love Jaclyn but I'm kinda sick of seeing all high end. I know there are dupes but it's not the same. You really need to start using more drug store things.

  • Chris Lecher  23 days ago

    She's paid to recommend the high end products, y'all.

  • She talks about what she likes, she's not aiming to exclude a part of her audience. If you do a google search you'd most likely be able to find dupes for the the high-end products she uses :)

  • Kimber Lee  2 years ago

    Such a beautiful look 😊 I always love your energy and recommendations. Ignore the haters, they're not you. I'm a 46 yr old former beauty lover. I have been bed ridden for so long. I lost my vibrancy and finding your videos helped me find that again. Putting my best face on even if I'm only going to my mailbox, makes me feel better 💕