7 Glitches That Became Beloved Features

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 3, 2019
  • Sometimes a flub turns out to be an inadvertently good thing. So it goes with videogames, when a glitch occasionally evolves into a popular or at least hilarious feature. Consider these cases in games such as Civilization, Space Invaders, Minecraft, Devil May Cry and Grand Theft Auto, and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday!

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  • Spencer Adey
    Spencer Adey  9 hours ago

    mario though

  • Husky Wolfgang
    Husky Wolfgang  9 hours ago +1

    "That's not a side effect, that's a feature!" - Boss Cass TY 2

  • Wesuwius
    Wesuwius  10 hours ago

    Borderlands 2 Tiny Tinas lazy eye

  • rodger so
    rodger so  15 hours ago

    the uber strike bugs XD

  • McKaylee Pugmire
    McKaylee Pugmire  22 hours ago

    the w-item materia in ff7. Mike gets it.

  • Sitania
    Sitania  23 hours ago

    How is tribes and skiing not in this list?

  • Von Solo the Oldest Millennial

    Is this chick part Asian? She looks like my sister. I wanna do her. I do not have a sister, she looks like she could be my sister, is that less creepy?

  • World Weaver
    World Weaver  yesterday


  • Marshall RBLX
    Marshall RBLX  yesterday

    To be quite honest, I expected *something* to be related to fortnite in this

  • Uncommon Antics

    Tf2 spycrab

  • Hawyer Cruz
    Hawyer Cruz  yesterday

    Well. India IS indeed a nukular power. Aaaaaaand maybe Ghandi wasn't a saint after all

  • Kamran Rehman
    Kamran Rehman  yesterday +1

    I thought mortal kombat invented juggling or am I wrong???

  • matthew connolly

    what about tf2 spycrab yes i started as a glitch

  • Tim Marshell
    Tim Marshell  2 days ago

    You forgot bl2 tiny Tina's lazy eye
    Make no. 2!!!!!!!!!! _ ( :

  • Michael Alexander

    accidental invention no 2: powerpuff girls

  • treudant
    treudant  2 days ago

    No mention of the bug during development of Tribes which led to 'skiing'? Shame.

  • Tyler
    Tyler  2 days ago

    The one thing about all the comments on this episode is that none of them are from the usual crowd.
    Is it OXBOX's time to stalk people's recomendations?
    (Honestly though, love the content, keep it up guys)

  • 1000 subscribers without a video

    Gettin out of the map in call of duty zombies back in tha days was the best tbh

  • Skyfighter64
    Skyfighter64  2 days ago

    Hey! I listened to entire documentaries by Jeremy Clarkson, and seriously enjoyed it! I would also probably enjoy an audiobook by him, thank you very much! (At least, as long as he's allowed to occasionally adlib)

  • Wolf Thorne
    Wolf Thorne  2 days ago

    Ok the creeper thing wasn't a bug. When it was designed the fact that they exploded and were green was completely intentional. The mistake he made with a pig inspired him to design a creeper, so saying creepers are a bug is misleading.