Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
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  • tango robotics
    tango robotics  an hour ago

    * gets chocolate muffin*
    * looks at the three points of Capricorn*
    Hey uhh cap..
    And your saying we are workaholic? Well fuck you too ill only make that chocolate muffin without those oats aswell!

  • devotee
    devotee  an hour ago

    leo: *social*
    me: AHAHAHAHHAHha......

  • Lisa A
    Lisa A  5 hours ago

    Cancer is the best dessert(full stop)

  • Chazee Cheese
    Chazee Cheese  5 hours ago

    I’m a Libra but I’m not really into fan of sweets.

  • Anika Williams
    Anika Williams  7 hours ago

    I’m a cancer that doesn’t like peanut butter 😒

  • 너와 나Sachichuu

    I am a Leo and that looks REALLY good!

  • Nevaeh Price
    Nevaeh Price  8 hours ago

    Can I change from an aries to a cancer please?
    Edit: Or even better, a Leo

  • Heather Sparks
    Heather Sparks  9 hours ago

    Also Gemini (•~•)_/ actually I would eat that cut the blueberries

  • Heather Sparks
    Heather Sparks  9 hours ago

    I hate these kind of videos were the slap down something with a zodiac sign,I'm a Aries and i would never eat that.Scorpios looked bomb though love spicy foods and chocolate 😍

  • Emily R.
    Emily R.  9 hours ago

    1 - *hates white chocolate*
    2 - oh look, I’m allergic to dairy
    3 - I also *hate* cake pops

  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_  13 hours ago

    In cancer
    I don't like peanut butter :3

  • Joseph Clancy
    Joseph Clancy  16 hours ago

    To those who are gemini, aries, scorpio, all others.....
    I feel bad for you
    To those who are cancer.....
    can I steal your dessert

  • Joseph Clancy
    Joseph Clancy  16 hours ago

    i.... am aries.... but i can't have wine.....

  • Madara K
    Madara K  19 hours ago +1


  • bambam hearteu
    bambam hearteu  yesterday

    giant peanut butter cup reminds me of Reese's dhksksjs

  • Amy Daydream
    Amy Daydream  yesterday

    Someone please tell me what is my zodiac sign! I DONT KNOW IT IM BORN ON FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER! Edit: nevermind I’m ♎️

  • ErinLovesKittens

    Yas Aries is so relatable :)

  • Natalynn Praseudsuk

    I'm a Leo
    And I would've loved the chocolate ball thingy

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B  yesterday

    I got Libra and my fave dessert is pina colada cupcakes

  • ••SpottedLeaf••

    So I’m apparently Aries. But my personality is the exact opposite of an Aries’. *What?*