Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
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  • Emily Dai
    Emily Dai  50 minutes ago

    I think they skipped October 23

  • Its_JosieMarie
    Its_JosieMarie  3 hours ago

    Leo’s is my favorite and Libra’s (my own) is one of my least favorites lol😂😂😂

  • Mischievous Emma
    Mischievous Emma  4 hours ago

    As a taurus I don't agree

  • Huyen Ha
    Huyen Ha  4 hours ago

    Who is Libra here?♎️

  • Mahi Rajawat
    Mahi Rajawat  6 hours ago

    I am an Aquarius......i wont mind eating that fancied vanilla icecream....but then...think about it.....who adds vanilla icecream-strawberry jelly-muffins together!!!!!.....those are ment to be eaten separately!!

  • queen me
    queen me  7 hours ago

    team virgo??

  • Unicorn Unicorn
    Unicorn Unicorn  7 hours ago

    YAY sweet spaghetti

  • Random ness
    Random ness  10 hours ago

    So, I'm a Taurus, and the dessert it matches doesn't really seem like I'd like it. Maybe it's just inaccurate for me?

  • timeangel13
    timeangel13  10 hours ago

    All these amazing treats and capricorn gets a chocolate chip muffin.... and I'm allergic to honey so it would literally kill me.... I feel cheated....

  • A Random Sophie
    A Random Sophie  10 hours ago +1

    When you immediately go to the end because your stupid sign is always last even though it falls between the 2nd and 3rd month. Sorry I complain a lot.

  • Brianna Haddon
    Brianna Haddon  11 hours ago +1

    Umm I’m a Libra but I’m 13 I don’t drink clearly and I don’t plan on drinking ever ok maybe every now and then as an adult but no I don’t like coconut anyways? Like wtf I love chocolate and only chocolate

  • The Shipping Trash Can

    I'm a gemini and I hated everything on my dessert but I bet a lot of other people like it! It is rather healthy but it's just a bit too heathy for me but if you like it then I'm glad you enjoy that dessert

  • Marisol Giron
    Marisol Giron  11 hours ago

    I'm a sagittarius and I dont like hiney

  • Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith  11 hours ago

    Only liked the videos Bc of ideas I like but the Capricorn idea which I am one is a no for me

  • Dragon Pixie
    Dragon Pixie  11 hours ago


  • Kiana Lucien
    Kiana Lucien  11 hours ago

    hahahaha , mines a spaghetti & meatball sunday 😭😂💘

  • KylieCat101
    KylieCat101  12 hours ago

    Oh gross I hate apples and bananas. Just give me the Oreos and nothing more

  • Kermit y e e t
    Kermit y e e t  12 hours ago

    As an Aquarius I approve

  • Potato girl
    Potato girl  13 hours ago

    You know my tongue will but off, right?
    I'm a Scorpio btw

  • SpiritGhoul
    SpiritGhoul  13 hours ago +1

    So I'm a cancer so here we are!
    Oh chocolate always a good sign! Chocolate strawberrys? Cookies? Cake? Bark? Wait is that a tart? No i hate tarts! Wait peanut butter?! No no please not peanut butter it's disgusting! Wait a giant resses? Why is life so cruel to me? Why can't i have a dessert I like for once... why?