When Birds Had Teeth

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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    Experts are still arguing over whether Archaeopteryx was a true bird, or a paravian dinosaur, or some other kind of dino. But regardless of what side you’re on, how did this fascinating, bird-like animal relate to today’s birds? It turns out its teeth were a clue that this story goes all the way back to what we now call the non-avian dinosaurs.

    Thanks to Ceri Thomas for the excellent Longipteryx reconstruction. Check out more of Ceri's paleoart at http://alphynix.tumblr.com and http://nixillustration.com

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    I think about the extinction of dinosaurs, and it makes me sad until I consider the fact that birds are nothing more than the best survivors dinosaurs had to offer. Your lineage still lives and affects the world 65 million years later.

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