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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • Sidemen Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.comSub to Nigahiga:● Miniminter:● Zerkaa:● Behzinga:● Vikkstar123:● TBJZL:● Wroetoshaw:● KSI:


    FRISHR  2 months ago +4295

    Nigahiga: Disney Channel
    Sidemen: PornHub

  • Exceed in dreaming, Let’s go!

    Let’s be honest....
    We were all rooting for Ryan

  • Roman A.
    Roman A.  2 months ago +5113

    It's like immature people vs mostly mature people

  • Josh Kapels
    Josh Kapels  2 months ago +2003

    I love both groups but they do not mesh well together 😂😂

  • nigahiga
    nigahiga  3 months ago +27589

    My arm still hurts... jerk

  • OmegaMeep
    OmegaMeep  2 months ago +2206

    Sidemen: Drinks beer and are loud af
    RHPC: Drinks juice and stays quiet

  • Chris Biba
    Chris Biba  2 months ago +1282

    Team Higa working like an absolute unit😂

  • Ayushman Thapa
    Ayushman Thapa  2 months ago +1307

    paco: " man, deji is cooler"
    ksi: NANI?!

  • I’m fine, thank you, and you?

    When it comes to flipping things, no one can beat rhpc🤣🤣 i loved how they raised their shoulders at the end, so iconic😍

  • VikkstarPlays
    VikkstarPlays  3 months ago +6252


  • KingKhanAbz
    KingKhanAbz  2 months ago +1529

    That shrug from RHPC was so damn cute. Just shows the bond and well done engine that is Team Higa! 😁

  • OHHH yea!!
    OHHH yea!!  2 months ago +424

    Should be titled introvert vs extroverts

  • YeseniaMichelle
    YeseniaMichelle  2 months ago +1247

    Was Ryan posing and modeling this entire video or was his ADHD on point?! haha

  • Roman A.
    Roman A.  2 months ago +489

    7:29 bro how did RHPC still win that? 😂

  • K V
    K V  3 months ago +6669

    I like how the sidemen are drinking beer and Nigahiga's team is drinking Capri Suns

    KIDD STANKEY 14  2 months ago +543

    looks like ryan is damn bored with the whole experience

  • Ka’i The Beagle
    Ka’i The Beagle  2 months ago +296

    I like how at 3:48 KSI is drinking beer and Paco is just drinking Capri-Sun🤣🤣

  • AydenBOT YT
    AydenBOT YT  2 months ago +242

    “Infinity war is the most ambitious cross over ever”
    Sidemen: Hold my beer

  • DJLani
    DJLani  2 months ago +213

    I love how they all knew to shrug lmao

  • Drago 7878
    Drago 7878  3 months ago +3399

    Sidemen VS Mr Beast like so they can see it
    It will be great