Peloton Actress Reacts To Viral Infamy: 'I Think It Was Just My Face' | TODAY

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • Monica Ruiz, the actress who starred in a Peloton ad that drew mockery on social media, visits TODAY to respond to the controversy, saying she reluctantly decided to appear “when it didn’t blow over.” Ruiz also appeared in an ad for Ryan Reynolds’ gin that made fun of the Peloton ad – and she’s surprised when the actor joins her live on air! NBC News’ parent company Comcast is an investor in Peloton.
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    Peloton Actress Reacts To Viral Infamy: 'I Think It Was Just My Face' | TODAY


  • D C
    D C  28 minutes ago

    Whats trash is that they lost $1B because some people disliked a commercial , people have nothing better to do. -_-

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez  6 hours ago

    I love her 🥺

  • MommaDontRetail
    MommaDontRetail  13 hours ago

    Let’s shame a fit woman for wanting to stay fit and then wonder why people of all shapes and sizes are terrified to do anything anymore. It’s sickening.

  • Shawn Gabrish
    Shawn Gabrish  yesterday

    How could you not jump on all the interviews that you could of had.

    She doesn't want to be used by the media like that probably.

  • ferregu12
    ferregu12  2 days ago

    Men are biologically attracted to thinner women if you say the word feminism you need to have a conversation with God or the universe not with men men were born and created this way

  • fryguyshvifty5
    fryguyshvifty5  2 days ago

    It'd be interesting to see the actual real % of people who ABSOLUTELY HATE outrage culture and are also part of it

  • kgkustomz97ser
    kgkustomz97ser  3 days ago +4

    and here i thought i was the only one whom realized how smoking hot she is

  • Lucky 12
    Lucky 12  3 days ago +1

    Maybe she asked for the bike? Just a thought...
    My girlfriend asked for a fryer for her birthday. Imagine how that ad would of turned out

  • Ben D.
    Ben D.  4 days ago

    I really dont understand the outrage. My mother, who is barely 130pounds asked my father for a bike for Christmas. Do fat people think skinny people dont exercise or something?

  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips  5 days ago

    People mad because she’s cute

  • francis p
    francis p  5 days ago

    and this is why the world does not take women seriously.

  • Ell Doe
    Ell Doe  5 days ago

    Only stupid fat people were offended.

  • Dee
    Dee  6 days ago

    I'll take the bike if ya'll don't want it.

  • Tae Lim
    Tae Lim  6 days ago

    The stock went down which certainly does not mean the company lost money. Idiotic journalism.

  • Lola Osman
    Lola Osman  7 days ago

    A body in motion stays in motion.

  • Matt Marcoux
    Matt Marcoux  7 days ago

    I really think some people like to be fit. So there is nothing wrong with the ad. Some people have no problem being fat or even obese and have no desire to be fit. But when people whine because they think it is a personal attack on them... well those people need help.

  • empresserica
    empresserica  7 days ago

    No ! You are beautifully adorable and the commercial was so cute !

  • Christian Mbabazi
    Christian Mbabazi  7 days ago

    Gotta love people stupidity to lose there mind over an ad more or less a bike probably didn't watch the ad enough to get there probably more to the message

  • Flyleaf Plot
    Flyleaf Plot  7 days ago

    Imagine the outrage if Peloton used a fat actress. 😆 There is no winning with this recreational outrage crowd, unless you’re bashing white men.

  • Happy Jew
    Happy Jew  7 days ago

    It makes my day when people get offended.