Can you count from 1 to 99 using NHL jersey numbers?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 1, 2018
  • The ultimate hockey jersey knowledge test! Can you count all the way from 1 to 99 using NHL jerseys? It doesn't matter if the player wore the number for a shift, or for their entire long as they wore it, it counts! But get three wrong, and you're OUT!

    Post your scores below!


  • Maddiethewolf 326

    I liked it but you guys didn’t include number 30 Hendrick lundqvist

  • Lisa Decker
    Lisa Decker  yesterday

    I would miss 90% of these

  • JohnnyTheChamp
    JohnnyTheChamp  2 days ago

    He's so mean to the leafs bro! Shut up

  • TayR0C
    TayR0C  2 days ago

    I feel like an idiot watching this. Of course most of their answers are the laffs, but still... I'm embarrassed.

  • soeb norat
    soeb norat  2 days ago

    91 John Tavares and Seguin and stamkos and kadri and Tarasenko also for 23 Rob murray

  • soeb norat
    soeb norat  2 days ago

    I hate Jessie I am A LEAF FAN

  • Superstarhockey 2018


  • Christian Pighin
    Christian Pighin  2 days ago +1

    Only sweaty kids wear 69 in fortnite

  • Kaine O'Brien 35 (STUDENT)

    Why did you not PickPatrick Laine. 29and Mark Andre Fleury

  • vik saggu
    vik saggu  3 days ago

    Luongo... I’m stumped

  • FHB _
    FHB _  3 days ago

    Man they disrespected Josi for Guentzel

  • Janeruth Martinez

    My dad is 5"6

  • The hockey guy 10

    Bruh that doods hairline 😂

  • Sparky Shore
    Sparky Shore  3 days ago +1

    8:48 “The only good player to ever wear that number.”

    Welp. Guess who refuses to report to Bridgeport?

  • Nate Dawg
    Nate Dawg  3 days ago +1

    Do you know what your doing today?

  • Helll Evean
    Helll Evean  3 days ago

    91:Vladimir tarasenko Steven stamkos Tyler seguin and John Tavares

  • phenomenos1
    phenomenos1  4 days ago

    Hockey Players they are different ♥️!

  • Jeff Resler
    Jeff Resler  4 days ago +1

    Patrick Roy, or Cam Talbot 33

  • Jeff Resler
    Jeff Resler  5 days ago +3

    Maybe they can have overtime by Guessing all the NHL Rookies

  • Jeff Resler
    Jeff Resler  5 days ago +1

    P.K Suban play for the Devils now😐