Solving the Zelda Timeline in 15 Minutes | Unraveled

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018
  • Everyone knows the Zelda timeline is pretty incomprehensible. So in this episode of Unraveled, Brian David Gilbert puts every piece of Zelda media, canonical and noncanonical, into the timeline to make it a bit easier to understand.

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  • H0und Fr0m He11
    H0und Fr0m He11  8 hours ago

    What about soul caliber 2 or 3 which ever he was in

  • Anti-Smurf Lord
    Anti-Smurf Lord  12 hours ago

    Explain Homestuck

  • Kaye
    Kaye  yesterday

    I walked out of my room for 2 seconds with a relatively normal Zelda timeline and then came back to Polygon talking about scribblenaughts with whatever the hell is on that board

  • Kat Arte
    Kat Arte  yesterday

    It is so fascinating to watch this guy talk because he says everything with so much confidence while making absolutely NO sense

  • pockyー
    pockyー  yesterday

    wheres my zelda jigsaw puzzle??

  • Mr Lakiro
    Mr Lakiro  2 days ago

    So Link from the Time Break fuses all the worlds together and makes one definitive story on the Hero of Hyrule.
    Then after everything is said and done he passes away as the new world moves onto its next Reincarnation of Time Break Link.

    Which is BOTW Link.

  • Bonllora !
    Bonllora !  2 days ago

    5:54 if anyone’s curious it’s says
    “Most of the Legend of Zelda games I’m talking about right now are BS if you know what I mean ;)”
    Y’all ‘re welcome (you probs saw it before me anyways haha)

  • Bonllora !
    Bonllora !  2 days ago +2

    5:36 so we just gonna ignore the sick spinz Brian’s pulling off with those scissors?

  • Hyake
    Hyake  4 days ago

    Monopoly doesn’t explain scribbleNauts tho

  • Emelia Marie
    Emelia Marie  4 days ago

    Do not watch this high, lads

  • Tah Baked
    Tah Baked  4 days ago

    Me, not a LoZ player, but watching for Brian:...
    Brian: "Let's make every piece of Zelda media one time line, we should do that."
    My boyfriend, huge LoZ fan from the other room: "pphht NO!"

  • Henry Heithecker
    Henry Heithecker  4 days ago

    What about four swords anniversary edition

  • JohnRuss327
    JohnRuss327  4 days ago

    “REGGIE! TAKE FUCKING NOTES.” the best line I’ve ever heard by BDG

  • Oliver Power
    Oliver Power  5 days ago

    what’s the music called????

  • Milk Toast
    Milk Toast  5 days ago +1

    14:24 REGGIE, take FUCKING NOTES. I just saved your ass... WITH MONOPOLY.

  • kevv2
    kevv2  5 days ago

    Well, Actually. This video was very entertaining

  • drew maben
    drew maben  6 days ago

    Brian always has me in stitches....we need more unraveled. All of the Unraveled.

  • Ibengotvasilforr :D

    Well actually...

  • apocalypse, the
    apocalypse, the  6 days ago +1

    Do the all 15 final fantasy games

  • Matheus Augusto
    Matheus Augusto  7 days ago

    Now do hollow knight lore explanation