Solving the Zelda Timeline in 15 Minutes | Unraveled

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018
  • Everyone knows the Zelda timeline is pretty incomprehensible. So in this episode of Unraveled, Brian David Gilbert puts every piece of Zelda media, canonical and noncanonical, into the timeline to make it a bit easier to understand.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: for more gaming and entertainment coverage, visit


  • im baby
    im baby  10 months ago +7724

    Polygon trapped Brian in a conference room with only water and mini party foods for 4 weeks then threw the Monopoly game at him

  • Caseydilla -13
    Caseydilla -13  4 months ago +6900

    Ah, the three genders.

  • Sawyer Friend
    Sawyer Friend  4 months ago +1771

    How dare you not mention the Zelda cereal.

  • SwiftWolf29 *
    SwiftWolf29 *  3 months ago +1198

    BDG has found everyone on the internet’s kink: a strip tease while explaining the Zelda timeline.

  • Hali ku
    Hali ku  4 months ago +3015

    I absolutely love the lighting becoming slowly more and more red as Brian becomes more and more unraveled, really adds to the chaotic atmosphere

  • alex belke
    alex belke  5 months ago +1579

    "Reggie, take notes!"
    Reggie: Retires

  • Squares And Stuff
    Squares And Stuff  5 months ago +2401

    "Don't ask me to do this again."
    Polygon proceeds to ask Brian to do this again, 8+ times

  • Joshua Ashton
    Joshua Ashton  4 months ago +1545

    why is this the funniest god damn thing i've ever seen
    just... a grown ass man in a three-piece suit getting SO upset over this timeline to the point where he's yelling about monopoly

  • CloudyChances
    CloudyChances  4 months ago +2059

    all joking aside, using Hyrule Warriors as the way to unite all the timelines into the Breath of the Wild one is brilliant and would legitimately explain a lot

  • Beef Bronson
    Beef Bronson  4 months ago +745

    “That’s right, it’s darkness, baby.”
    -Satan, probably

  • KatKartoons
    KatKartoons  1 months ago +243

    BDG: Finally finishes the timeline
    Cadence of Hyrule: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  • Robert robertson
    Robert robertson  4 months ago +429

    Honestly, "everyone, all the time, everywhere" would make an amazing slogan for smash ultimate

  • Agent Stache
    Agent Stache  4 months ago +685

    BDG: this whole goddamn suit is so tight; I feel like a Christmas ham
    Me: cuz you lookin like snacc

  • llaiN0
    llaiN0  4 months ago +98

    as someone who has never played any zelda games i am very confused and i love it

  • badflamer
    badflamer  14 days ago +42

    this did like half of matpat's new theory's work for him :p

  • Braden Williams
    Braden Williams  4 months ago +330

    I like how the set slowly turns red as he descends into hell

  • Holly The Irrelevant
    Holly The Irrelevant  4 months ago +189

    When he did the epic build up and then pulled out monopoly I about died laughing 🤣🤣

  • Connor Sturgeon
    Connor Sturgeon  1 months ago +76

    "Where does Breath of the Wild fit in the Zelda timeline?"
    Nintendo: Yes

  • Jake
    Jake  4 months ago +216

    Zelda chess is obviously the Hyrulean Civil War that happened before Ocarina of Time

  • GreenInkMagic
    GreenInkMagic  14 days ago +35

    After watching matpat's version of solving the timeline, I had to go back and watch the superior version.