NHL: Penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
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  • glaxko2
    glaxko2  a years ago +286

    I bet you wont pin this comment!

  • uhh sk8
    uhh sk8  3 days ago

    Marchand plays and fights like a bitch

  • Flyers Lady
    Flyers Lady  6 days ago

    Brad Marchand is one of the biggest assholes ever to play in this league.

  • TayR0C
    TayR0C  7 days ago

    The pronger one 😅😅

  • Vision
    Vision  7 days ago

    I love how people say, "Oh well how was he supposed to stop? Was he supposed to run into the goalie?". I don't know if you know how to skate or not, but you can also stop without snowing in front of you by pushing your legs outwards and any strong skater can stop like that instantly.

  • Shane Knerr
    Shane Knerr  7 days ago


  • Shane Knerr
    Shane Knerr  7 days ago

    If there are any trashville fans in the comment section. Your team sucks and so do the fans. WORSE FUCKING FANS IN THE LEAGUE. you CUNTRY BUMKINS need to stick to horses and fucking your cousins. First learn the game of hockey before you try talking shit about other teams. WORST FUCKING FANS IN THE LEAGUE.

  • Ace Jones
    Ace Jones  7 days ago +1

    As a penguins fan I agree that foligno penalty shouldn't have been called

  • Joe G
    Joe G  7 days ago

    I knew Marchand would show up in the first few minutes. He’s an ANGRY little elf, isn’t he?

  • TheGhjgjgjgjgjg
    TheGhjgjgjgjgjg  7 days ago

    3:20 Boston player is a fucking weasel,even looks like one.Big man trying to go for the broken jaw you fuckin shit stain.

  • Venom On IPad
    Venom On IPad  7 days ago +3

    6:25 he had about 3 seconds to turn away, puck fully covered he didn’t have to keep going...

  • i have to poop but i wanted to say real qiuck,

    hey, thats phaenuf of that!

  • BrendanTheGent
    BrendanTheGent  14 days ago

    Marchand biggest fucking pussy in the league since matt cooke

  • KÎMØ
    KÎMØ  21 days ago +1

    How are the commentators so ignorant about snow showers ?

  • Ben Heyden
    Ben Heyden  28 days ago

    can someone explain the hand in front of the goalies face? isnt that the same as just using your whole body to screen the goalie?

  • VitalTannerYT
    VitalTannerYT  a months ago

    4:19 I love they way the commentator said that

  • Cm762 lol
    Cm762 lol  a months ago

    Was the first penalty for just saying something??

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Brad Marchand is a disgrace to hockey. He’s the present day Sean Avery.

  • Ronnie Hill
    Ronnie Hill  a months ago

    This video should be filled with Aves and AssTar players.

  • StagHead
    StagHead  a months ago

    You should do bad calls