Millionaire Reacts: Living on $280k A Year In Detroit | Millennial Money

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  • I recently saw a video by CNBC Make it - Living on $280k A Year In Detroit | Millennial Money - and I review his finances, spending, and investments. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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  • Jeremiah's Modigliani

    Nice Panerai man. Radiomir?

  • HBY
    HBY  13 hours ago

    its not stupid, people what to yolo, graham can't accept other people's enjoyment

    you don't buy brand name for the material, you buy it for the rush

  • eoghan lemoine
    eoghan lemoine  19 hours ago

    I love watching this guy freak out

  • Oxalis
    Oxalis  yesterday

    It's crazy how someone can make that much money and won't buy a condo/house, and is so irresponsible with money. If I made that kind of money I'd be retiring at 40 or earlier... You can tell that this guy ONLY cares about stuff stuff and more stuff though. Obsessed with material goods and stuff and toys.

  • Patric____
    Patric____  yesterday

    13:13 thats exactly what im doing right now. i have all my money in my checking account because i like seeing the number go up. I'm nervous to put my money elsewhere but this thursday i have a call setup with a portfolio manager and hopefully i'll take my first step towards investment savings.

  • December's Very Own

    Women don't even act like that.

  • AES1 Gaming
    AES1 Gaming  yesterday

    Hey can anyone tell me a good etf to drop a good couple grand

  • xXdespacito69Xx lil bun

    wtf voice

  • Daniel García
    Daniel García  yesterday

    If you have the money for it bought

  • hohummmsezmoi
    hohummmsezmoi  2 days ago

    I bet he eats out and shops at Whole Foods.

  • thatjokerperson
    thatjokerperson  3 days ago

    180k in spending a year 210k in income i wanna know where that 30k goes

  • Kyle K
    Kyle K  3 days ago +7

    The man can’t control his money, I could tell 5 seconds of seeing and hearing him

  • FightingDrake 81
    FightingDrake 81  3 days ago

    I’m surprised that he makes 280k a year and rents.

  • Whats happening
    Whats happening  3 days ago

    I bought a catalogues own brand fleece padded black jacket identical to a Barbour and Armani jacket at only £30 compared to £180 and £250, crazy, it's just a name.

  • Joel Carrasco
    Joel Carrasco  4 days ago

    I think in his mind he needed two cars. It snows in Detroit so he can’t drive the bmw for like 6 months.
    Edit: I just saw that this man doesn’t cook. That doesn’t sound too good for his health in the next couple years.


    Wait until Graham hears the price of a Birkin!

  • Yeahrightdennis
    Yeahrightdennis  5 days ago

    He makes too much to qualify for a Roth?

  • Inessa Legkun
    Inessa Legkun  5 days ago

    This is just too funny but all that is said is very very informative

  • exterminator122
    exterminator122  5 days ago +1

    smile ''I have 77k in my bank account''

    that is not something you should say with pride making 200k a year.

  • Oracle Moon Tarot

    $210k yearly guy lives like he's a multi millionaire. But I'd love to make his salary right now.