Millionaire Reacts: Living on $280k A Year In Detroit | Millennial Money

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  • I recently saw a video by CNBC Make it - Living on $280k A Year In Detroit | Millennial Money - and I review his finances, spending, and investments. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephanThe YouTube Creator Academy: Learn EXACTLY how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, rank videos on the front page of searches, grow your following, and turn that into another income source: $100 OFF WITH CODE 100OFF Merch: ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment: business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at


  • Alan Alcott
    Alan Alcott  2 months ago +3605

    Makes $17,500 a month and saves 1,800
    Me: Make $2,800 a month and save a 1,000

  • Mr Knight
    Mr Knight  2 months ago +998

    A personal chef is 2500$ a month. This guy is spending the exact same amount on uber eats hehe

  • Alex Hewitt
    Alex Hewitt  1 months ago +675

    "I'm pretty cheap"
    has t-rex skull in background

  • Alfonso Zhao
    Alfonso Zhao  1 months ago +335

    Im trying to show my girlfriend this video of yours (that I loved). when I asked if she was liking it, she said "I'd like if this concept were inversed. if he covered how someone lived on a tight budget". And I can totally see that being a hit!

  • Commando Master
    Commando Master  2 months ago +483

    The guy makes a lot of money, but his main problem is lifestyle inflation and doesn't know how to save money.

  • BeachCrow
    BeachCrow  2 months ago +1512

    “Once you go full stupid, you’re never coming back” - Graham Stephan

  • EricSmyth14
    EricSmyth14  2 months ago +969

    He seems like the type of guy that would watch Graham's video and say "Oh, I know, I know" and not take any of the advice

  • Michelle Michel
    Michelle Michel  1 months ago +190

    Quarter of a million a year, in Detroit, no mention of owning real estate. Wow.

  • Adriana Owens
    Adriana Owens  1 months ago +182

    he should do this with young youtubers that just spend their money willy nilly

  • Joe Garofalo II
    Joe Garofalo II  2 months ago +743

    $1,250 for a Gucci hoodie?!?! That is honestly certifiably insane

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan  28 days ago +206

    2500 for food? Dude that is what I earn in a month.
    Actually 1500 after taxes ... fml

  • milly stephenson
    milly stephenson  1 months ago +113

    just to freak you out, those chanel bags run around $7000 each, and birkins....well

  • breezybearwaters
    breezybearwaters  1 months ago +48

    homie spends 80 dollars a day on food, that’s more than $25 per meal!!. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??

  • spacetime
    spacetime  1 months ago +216

    I thought Graham was going to burst a blood vessel when he heard the guy say "I keep that much money in there because I like seeing the number." LMFAOOOOO ahahahahah

  • Martynas Adamonis
    Martynas Adamonis  2 months ago +597

    "Okay, okay... He is a smart guy."
    2 sec. later
    Edit: wow i got 137 likes lol

  • Nikhil Sapre
    Nikhil Sapre  28 days ago +62

    $1250 for a hoodie?
    That's more than I spend in a year on all my clothes.

  • ivy Stanage
    ivy Stanage  2 months ago +83


  • Written in Film
    Written in Film  21 days ago +63

    Gucci may be a rip-off, but those clients coming in and paying hundreds for their hair work for places like Gucci. Also, him spending $2500 on food delivery pays the people who do that for a living. Rich people who spend money are great for the middle class! People who hoard their money are also great for deflating the dollar.

  • Tevin Juman
    Tevin Juman  2 months ago +1790

    Dave Ramsey would have a heart attack lol

  • JackSwatman
    JackSwatman  2 months ago +90

    The fact he earns 280k cutting hair means that people are paying way too much for him to cut their hair