The Greatest Movie Plot Twists Of All Time

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • Maybe that mild-mannered dude in the corner was really the big bad guy. Perhaps the hero was dead the whole time. Or maybe everything we've seen is somebody's hallucination. Whatever the reveal, these memorable movie moments caught us off guard and left us talking for years to come. Spoilers ahead. Usually, movies are told in chronological order, but much like its protagonist, Dr. Louise Banks, Arrival isn't confined to a single time. In the movie's opening, we watch Louise lose her beloved daughter to disease. Naturally, we assume this is happening early in her life, well before the renowned linguist is asked by the military to communicate with the heptapods mysterious aliens who've landed on Earth. Her job is to translate their complex language so humans can talk with these otherworldly visitors. As she delves deeper into their circular alphabet, though, the heptapod language changes her perspective of time, allowing her to experience the past, present, and future at once. Before long, we discover that Louise actually hasn't had her child yet. Those flashbacks are actually flash-forwards, visions of what's to come, courtesy of the alien language. Louise now exists outside of time, or more accurately, throughout every moment simultaneously. As a result, her perspective on concepts like love are radically altered by the heptapods' gift. Sure, she now knows that heartbreak is coming, but she heads into the future anyway, because she knows there's a lot of joy waiting there too. It might just be the most emotional twist in all of science fiction, and one that will leave you both thinking and wiping away a few tears.A Beautiful Mind finds an Oscar-nominated Russell Crowe playing John Nash, a real-life Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who lived a rather unusual life. Early in the film, Nash is drafted by Department of Defense Agent William Parcher to analyze magazines and newspapers for hidden Russian codes. Keep watching the video to see the greatest movie plot twists of all time!#MovieTwistsArrival | 0:18A Beautiful Mind | 1:33Colossal | 2:43Ex Machina | 4:22Get Out | 5:46Kill List | 7:13Mother | 8:32Scream | 9:37The Sixth Sense | 11:04Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back | 12:22Star Wars: The Last Jedi | 13:34Sorry to Bother You | 14:51Spider-Man: Homecoming | 16:14


  • Looper  1 months ago

    What is your favorite plot twist of all time?

  • fiestadancers  3 hours ago

    A Beautiful Mind

  • Alayna H  10 hours ago

    Spider-man,Far From Home

  • John Martin Ong  1 months ago

    Fight Club is not on the list because they are not supposed to talk about it

  • Cheimung Kashung  3 days ago

    Damn... good one.!!!!

  • lola bigcups  16 days ago

    We all know the rules.

  • Game of Thrones season 8 totally caught me off guard because it was shitty and I expected it to not be.

  • Sassy Troy  19 hours ago

    Dexter should have taught you better...

  • Deanna Silva  3 days ago

    Such a shitty ending to such an awesome show ..

  • Diego de Dios  11 days ago

    TLJ? Homecoming? Greatest plot twists of ALL TIME? Are you drunk?

  • Aylin Ledezma  6 days ago

    Pretty sure every movie after Empire Strikes Back was an honorable mention

  • Robert Currie  6 days ago

    It was a good reveal, although Doc Ock in Into The Spiderverse was better.

  • This list: existsEveryone who watches it: Are we a joke to you?

  • @Kevin Grenouiller no b make ur own u dum lazy fuq

  • Kevin Grenouiller  1 months ago

    good one, let me use it again for another time

  • Water Hazard  1 months ago

    Wtf where is Oldboy, Psycho, Memento, The Usual Suspects, Fight Club, Planet of the Apes, and The Prestige?

  • Positive Echo  2 days ago

    They’ll probably make a part 2.

  • Matine Yang  6 days ago

    Doesn't fit the narrative

  • nicoliolipoli  1 months ago

    Clicked just to see Arrival. Besides the plot twist, it's a genuinely brilliant movie and one of my favorites from the 2010's.

  • CJS929  13 days ago

    Yeah, I thought Arrival was a great movie ... and I find some of the criticisms to border on ridiculous. Oh Amy Adams chose selfishly to have a child she knew would die, Oh Adams didn't tell her husband about the child, it wasn't engaging enough for true sci-fi fans, etc. This is what happens when Hollywood really tries to engage the viewer's mind and that's why so many shit movies get made.

  • Jon Simon  15 days ago

    @Special EDy I totally agree with you in your first paragraph. I think arrival was a pretty good film. Not a great one but it definitely kept me engaged and trying to figure out what it was all about. I was happy with the ending overall. I've seen movies and sat through a lot worse. Some movies, like The Last Jedi, I walked out after 15 minutes. That was definitely a waste of my time and money.

  • Natalya Rodriguez  1 months ago

    Oldboy (2003) definitely had a crazy twist that made everyone uncomfortable

  • Positive Echo  2 days ago

    DuBstep115 Har. 🙄 Incest is illegal in Alabama but it is legal in New Jersey and Rhode Island. The North is really lacking in self awareness.

  • sam taylor  21 days ago

    Oldboy and seven are two movies that bugged me for weeks after

  • William B  1 months ago

    Black mirror be like hi how r ya

  • princessjen99  14 days ago

    I see what you did there 😉⭐️

  • 2 Awesome Men  26 days ago

    Shut Up and Dance would like to say an extra big hi lol

  • DedoPorno  1 months ago

    The Vulture is one of the greatest plot twists of all time? The Last Jedi? Are you out of your mind??

  • @just me Aye. But the quality level of all of them was like 'I am your father' told to Luke by Chewie or Jabba. Just because there are many twists doesn't make any of them GOOD twists.

  • Susie Jennings  1 months ago

    Anything Disney got there hands to is canon to the franchises they bought...