Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 15, 2019
  • top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019 including their dangerous runways
    Many pilots believe that the most dangerous stages during the flight - are takeoffs and landings.
    But there are airports in the world where plane takeoffs and landings are scary even for highly professional pilots - they have to show real miracles of maneuverability!
    In this top 10 list, you'll find out which airport is the world most dangerous 2019 and why.
    Discover how dangerous can be an airport

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  • John Smith
    John Smith  7 months ago +747

    The guy that messed up on number three deserved it. He came in all  rared  back  like he knows everything.; Didn't touch down, until I was ready to do a touch and go. No wonder he ran out of runway. Apparently he thinks if you are unfamiliar, just blast in there, and hope for the best. I'd  be interested in what damage was done, and the estimate.

  • s Takala
    s Takala  an hour ago

    Saba airport

  • bob bob
    bob bob  an hour ago

    clickbait thumbnail . thumb down for this shit

  • EA 333
    EA 333  3 hours ago +2

    “Many pilots believe that the most dangerous stages during the flight are take-offs and landings” No shit.

  • Phil Asshomo
    Phil Asshomo  9 hours ago +1

    Now I fully understand why pilots drink.

  • Beej Vlogs
    Beej Vlogs  yesterday

    sooooooooooooooooooooo depressing

  • Ishmael Sealey
    Ishmael Sealey  yesterday

    She talked waaaaayy to soft. Bearly heard a word

  • SHIELD song WWE

    Acually the title must be (dangerous landing)

  • Mohammed Ali baba

    Hyderabad in india is best In the world present

  • Maarten de Vries
    Maarten de Vries  yesterday +3

    You have missed out Saba airport! Very short runway on top of a rock.

  • Prijo Raj
    Prijo Raj  yesterday


  • Hamish124
    Hamish124  yesterday +1

    Tbh Gibraltar was 6th, glad we went down 😂😂

  • DankM3m3Boi- 69
    DankM3m3Boi- 69  yesterday +2

    To anyone that says the thumbnails photoshop it’s not it’s from a a350 water ingestion test

  • Saania Salahuddin
    Saania Salahuddin  2 days ago +1

    A US-Bangla pilot messed up on the Nepal airport sigh

  • Niko Fiallos
    Niko Fiallos  2 days ago

    I'm from Honduras and my grandmother's house is literally right next to the airport. My grandfather used to work at the airport as the director of an airline, and everytime I went to visit them I would wake up to the sound of the airplanes and the house trembling as they approached. It wasn't rly terrifying for me honestly, it's quite a nostalgic feeling. However, before the runway was elongated, there used to be vehicular traffic right in the middle of the runway (like in the Gibraltar one). Honestly, it's not that big of a deal landing there and the majority of accidents that HAVE occured (which is already p rare) have been because the pilots weren't familiar with our airport and miscalculations.

    On another note, it's extremely hilarious to see ppl who have never landed in Toncontin experience it for the first time. Priceless. Welcome to Honduras! LOL

  • Nadine Kiunya
    Nadine Kiunya  2 days ago

    Some of these airports look like some of western Alaska’s airports. Lol.

  • Jacob Oliver Gaasedal

    You forgot vagar airport in the Faroe Islands

  • Atomic_Typh00n
    Atomic_Typh00n  2 days ago

    The thumbnail is pure clickbait. It's a 'Qatar' landing, but if you pay attention to the tail, it's a default airbus livery? 10/10 worst photoshop ever.

  • Bahadur Purna
    Bahadur Purna  2 days ago +3

    Lukla airport is most dangerous (nepal)🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • Tek Tamang
    Tek Tamang  2 days ago

    Lukla Nepal airport