People Are Hit by Tornadoes 2019

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 9, 2019
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  • Sergey322  1 months ago

    *Special thanks to these authors for the provided material. Support them with Likes and Subs!!!*Niall Sheehan - maze - PD - Press - - Olsson - Life with Alex -

  • Fluid Aesthetic  2 days ago

    Do you happen to know the song that plays at 2:15?

  • Mynameis Bob  15 days ago

    shane bradley Calm Ocean 4 by Andreas Boldt

  • Drew S  1 months ago

    Yes. Continue driving toward the swirling funnel of death. That's the best possible course of action.

  • @Forwen Eymnorty This actually happened in Romania.

  • Everything Apex  3 days ago


  • WOAH A TORNADO*lEt'S dRiVe ToWaRdS iT*

  • Anthony Behner  12 hours ago

    That's every person in the Northeast lol

  • Gappie Al Kebabi  11 days ago

    storm chasers

  • glossy bella  16 days ago

    everybody gangster till the clouds start twirling

  • Cordell Huckaby  2 hours ago

    No just gangstalicious

  • 3104 Røhr  2 hours ago

    Omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Ted Mosby  a months ago

    Just wanna give a shout out to those wiper blades. How they could still work in 150+ mph winds is amazing

  • Most Active  an hour ago

    Lukas Schürmann D. But not getting strongly pushed from da side dummie

  • Seems legit

  • Mookyyzed  5 days ago

    The only thing known to man to withstand the force of a tornado..... the windshield wiper.

  • Ben__dover_69  20 hours ago

    Lol so true the thing can turn into a tin can but those wipers just keep on wiping

  • Sergeant Seven  1 months ago

    Tornadoes are only as vicious as the owner that trains them. Don't stereotype all tornadoes by saying they attack cars. Maybe the car was attacking the tornado... did you ever consider that?

  • Melody Dreamweaver  13 hours ago

    The tornados are trying to run for presidentTheyve become more dangerous than us-

  • DKLONGHORN  yesterday

    All tornadoes and hurricanes are created by underground Decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura who have homosapiens qualities. They act under the command of their beastly humanoid leader who is half Homosapien, half Ursidae, and half Sus scrofa domesticus, in order eradicate Homosapien and become the next fashionable apex predator.

  • lxki  23 days ago

    Everyone: oh damn i never want to be in a tornado Midwest: a tornado? oh cool let's set up the lawn chairs

  • YeahOkBuddy  yesterday

    Thats how it is in Texas and Oklahoma.... we have about 20 every week now it seems. If it thins the population down some im happy lol.

  • Fox Mulder  2 days ago

    100% true.

  • Craig Shelton  a months ago

    Should change the title to Dumbasses in Cars - 2019.

  • Discraft Dude  16 days ago

    "People Are Hit by Tornadoes 2019" *very first clip* '09/21/2018'