Miyavi and PnB Rock freestyle about love and loss 💔 88 & Heartbreaks

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018
  • PnB Rock & Miyavi freestyle on heartbreak. 💔Miyavihttps://youtube.com/user/myv382tokyohttps://instagram.com/miyavi_ishiharahttps://twitter.com/MIYAVI_OFFICIAL88 is double happiness


  • luhan's nipples  1 years ago

    Miyavi's facial expressions throughout the entire thing is life

  • luhan's nipples right

  • Cowboy Tanaka  1 years ago

    bruh up keep changing ur dp tho lmao. I mean I don’t mind the change to a Lucas again 🙏

  • banana puding  1 years ago

    Miyavi busting a nut because of his guitar is my aesthetic.

  • Chucky Conan  9 months ago


  • Emma Lien  1 years ago

    banana puding I was just scrolling through the comments while watching this video and after I saw this, I never looked at his expressions the same 😂

  • SKRT  1 years ago

    Needless to say how talented Miyavi is, but also nice that PnB is actually on the beat telling a story

  • Sharon Wah  1 years ago

    Unlike the other one lmao

  • Treasure  1 years ago

    An ARMY fren🙄🤗

  • PINKPOP ASMR  1 years ago

    holy Miyavi was so cool back in the day. Back in my emo high school jrock days. lmao. And he’s still so cool like how is this dude so eternally cool.

  • Naliflower  1 years ago

    It was him and gackt for me

  • Julien Dean  1 years ago

    Alicia N didnt remember if his time in that band was really early 00's or really late 90's. A year or two doesnt change that much anyway

  • megagene  1 years ago

    I can't help but feel that PnB Rock's contribution wasn't quite as impressive as Miyavi's in this video.

  • bifty scent  1 years ago

    better then the famous dex one

  • john doe  1 years ago

    megagene lmao no shit

  • Nicklaus Grady  1 years ago

    Get a talented freestyle rapper for these... Miyavi has been amazing both times but the freestyles are embarrassing

  • Charzzziex  3 months ago

    Miyavi and Kohh or shing02

  • ThatGuyYouKnowww  8 months ago

    Would love to see them bring back MIYAVI & KREVA

  • Da pose they hit at the end was amazing

  • SkinnyErectus  1 years ago

    I wish I could make love to someone like he does with his guitar.

  • saucey boy  1 years ago

    *this man with the guiter he's crazy af*

  • kuko.618  1 years ago

    The guitarist looks like an anime chararcter

  • You ain't seen the neo visualism days yet

  • Scarlet-Electro  1 years ago

    And he is japanese after all