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  • Published on:  Monday, September 30, 2019
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    Robert Oberst is the professional strongman known as “The American Monster”.

    He has competed in Strongman all around the world since 2012, including America’s Strongest Man, the Arnold Classic and five times in the World’s Strongest Man, twice placing as a finalist.

    Today Robert stars on the History Channel television show The Strongest Man In History, alongside Brian Shaw, Nick Best and Eddie Hall, while travelling the world promoting strongman with his catchphrase “Strong and Pretty”.



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  • London Real
    London Real  3 months ago +5

    Watch the Full Episode on London Real for FREE only at

  • Random Anon
    Random Anon  7 days ago

    Google Patrick Baboumian, he is a Strongman from Germany, he is 100 percent Vegan and is a beast.

  • Charles Canning
    Charles Canning  14 days ago

    Side abs for a little Instagram picture! Haha class . Great interview

  • Cal O’Neill
    Cal O’Neill  14 days ago +2

    If the vegan strongman is what he says he is, why is it that hardly anyone has heard of him? Why has he never competed or even qualified for the WSM?
    Disclaimer: not dissing patrik, but when you look at the strongest men in the world and none of them are vegan, of course he is going to get called out.

  • Jarrett P the OG
    Jarrett P the OG  14 days ago +1

    A horse eats plants and so do gorillas...

    Anything is possible...
    But it will be ages before there is a vegan champion WSM

  • jake Hanson
    jake Hanson  21 days ago +6

    The strongest human will always be an omnivore, it's just how we're designed. A vegan wont ever be the strongest and a carnivore will never be the strongest. Just how our genes are. Just my opinion though.

  • James Smith
    James Smith  21 days ago

    No way a plant based diet will be strongest man in the world. Humans omnivore, cow herbivore. Different anatomy. Why is this so hard to fucking comprehend. It like saying U can b anything in the world and sayin, "Cool, I am gonna change my gender." Cut stuff, grow stuff hormone stuff U still a boy or girl from birth. LGBT can have all the rights and beliefs they want and do believe what they want. They still who they are.

  • Joel387 suzuki
    Joel387 suzuki  1 months ago

    seems like a super cool gentle giant who could literally rip you in half if he wanted like this dudes outlook on life

  • Mind Body Whole
    Mind Body Whole  1 months ago

    Even more respect and admiration for some of the sentiment coming from OB in this interview.

  • Exterioris-vallem
    Exterioris-vallem  1 months ago

    Goddamnit, I love Obie!

  • Jared Kerr
    Jared Kerr  1 months ago +1

    Who’s eddie?

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown  1 months ago +1

    Ox, elephants and gorillas some of the strongest land animals on the planet all powered by plants.

  • Travis Wintrode
    Travis Wintrode  1 months ago

    World's strongest man cow is more accurate I think... Keep on grazing bro!

  • The Mighty Sparrow
    The Mighty Sparrow  1 months ago

    Rob is a Gem

  • double U
    double U  1 months ago

    He should go vegan... Just kidding.

  • Vital Link
    Vital Link  1 months ago +5

    so would you add indirect suffering?

    Because there are human victims in slaughter. Some of my work friends are dead from taking their own lives doing that job. Not to mention the ptsd and the drug and alcohol abuse to deal with it, we had no staff welfare, we were very quick to resort to extreme violence on work nights out, after all why did we care when we killed for a living.

    I've seen more blood then the US and British armies put together. Especially when it comes to steers.
    I lay money that all these strong men would cry if they had to do what we did at least a 1000 times a day, 5 days a week. Even if you do hunt, it can't be compared. Especially when you gut a dairy cow to find a calf in the womb fighting for its life. You'd have to be pretty sick in the head to not have that effect you.

  • Mauro Beltramini
    Mauro Beltramini  1 months ago +1

    I think it's important to note that someone on a strict vegan diet is also less likely to abuse steroids. I think if we took steroids out of the equation, it doesn't matter what kinds of food you eat as long as it's nutritious and fuels the workout and recovery. I think a non-steroid using vegan can achieve the same strength feats as a non-steroid using meat eater. Steroids are the wildcard here, not plants vs meat.....

  • Mauro Beltramini
    Mauro Beltramini  1 months ago

    Is it ironic that the only reason I saw this video and know who Robert Oberst is was because I followed a link on one of Patrick's videos? LOL

  • Eddie
    Eddie  1 months ago

    Nobody ever heard of these people, but they know who they are now. Robert is old school we want the new breed now. There'll be more, bigger, stronger, faster. Get Patrick on!

  • Maria San Jozez
    Maria San Jozez  2 months ago

    Ty for the true words❤