First Time in Full Length: Lewandowski's 9-Minute Miracle

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 21, 2016
  • ► Subscribe now: year ago, the unthinkable happened, as Robert Lewandowski tore up the record books with five goals in nine minutes. The Polish star was brought on at half time against Wolfsburg last season and proceeded to put in a jaw-dropping performance. It was a night to remember and we want to show you those nine incredible minutes from 22 September 2015 in full for the very first time. We can't wait to hear what you think!► Watch Bundesliga in your country: Official Bundesliga YouTube channel gives you access to clips from Germany's football league that you won't find anywhere else. Subscribe now and visit us at to see what all the noise is about!


  • Twana Omar
    Twana Omar  a years ago +8185

    Imagine being 1 goal down and you gotta go to the toilet, you come back 9 minute later and u missed 5 goals😂😂

  • Sagar Vrajalal
    Sagar Vrajalal  2 months ago +3138

    Lewandowski : How many goals should I score?
    Guardiola : Yes

  • chris jericho
    chris jericho  2 months ago +1489

    Three is called a Hat-trick
    Five should be called a Lewandowski

  • Chang Liu
    Chang Liu  5 months ago +2699

    The man who turns a live broadcast into highlights lol

  • Yusuf Luhar
    Yusuf Luhar  8 months ago +4098

    This will never ever happen again. 5 goals in 9 minutes for a team is almost impossible. For it be scored by just one player after coming on as a sub and his team trailing 1-0 should really be impossible. No player would ever had even dreamed of doing something like this because its so far fetched, its literally impossible. I still dont know how this is possible. 5 goals in 90 mins by a single player is a huge achievement. 5 goals in 9 mins and that 9 mins includes celebrations, a re taken kick off and a substitution. How did he do it, its a miracle of football. And that last goal is just a worldie. This has to be the best 10 minutes any footballer in history has had. Credit to the rest of the Bayern team for creating the oppurtunities and its always a team effort but Lewandowski deserves something for this. Its an achievement that will never be bettered. Ever.

  • UniqueBloxxer
    UniqueBloxxer  a years ago +9078

    When you’re losing in FIFA, and get your older brother to play for you.

  • CsmatrixTR
    CsmatrixTR  8 months ago +1951

    The only reason why he did all of this is to destroy the camera at 9:56 for unknown reason. Once he accomplished the assassination, he stopped this madness.

  • Zaahir Azhar
    Zaahir Azhar  10 months ago +1510

    Moral of this video,
    Don't go the toilet, otherwise you'll miss 5 goals.

  • amsuf
    amsuf  8 months ago +1731

    came to pay annual tribute to this holy video

  • User name
    User name  10 months ago +2001

    PSG - We have the Best Time MBAPPE 4 GOALS 13 MINUTES

  • Elineh 4
    Elineh 4  7 months ago +1831

    Who is still watching in 2019 ?
    Lewandowski is so good 😊🔥⚽️

  • Karim Mousa
    Karim Mousa  8 months ago +563

    0:39 Pep calls Boateng to give him some specific instructions while the rest of Bayern players celebrate the equalizer.
    ..... 5 mins & 3 goals later
    6:17 Pep calls Boateng again: Remember what I said earlier? Forget everything, everyone just get the ball to Lewandowski!

  • Jacob Sun
    Jacob Sun  6 months ago +715

    Guardiolas reaction was gold

  • Fadhil Tampan
    Fadhil Tampan  1 months ago +123

    Doctor:"You Only Got 10 Minutes To Live"
    Bayern munchen's Fan:

  • Piotrek PL
    Piotrek PL  8 months ago +198

    Robert Lewandowski is the guy who scored 50+ goals in Champions League and 50+ goals for national team. Only two other players in football history achieved that. Ronaldo and Messi.

  • EnesTCNK
    EnesTCNK  1 months ago +201

    After match Borussia - Real "LEW4NDOWSKI"
    After this match evolution to "LEWANDOW5KI"

  • Alek
    Alek  5 months ago +317

    9:56 that's how you drop the mic in football

  • Ado
    Ado  6 months ago +293

    i imagine on Wolfsburg's bench
    assistant: "coach, should we change our defensive plan to counter Lewandowski?"
    coach: "naaah, we're fine, Naldo and Dante can handle him"
    10 minutes later:

  • Klevi T.
    Klevi T.  9 months ago +310

    Guardiolas reaction to the 5th goal tho

  • Matt27
    Matt27  5 months ago +162

    I went crazy crazy when I saw this live! One of the best moments in football history