Joe Rogan on Striking vs BJJ In Street Fights (Striking vs grappling, MMA) with Eddie Bravo

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 9, 2018
  • In this clip Joe Rogan talks about street fights with Eddie Bravo and the importance of striking in street fight and the limitations of bjj in street fight (BJJ vs striking in street fight).

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    From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE MMA #40. Full podcast

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  • Darrin Nunyah
    Darrin Nunyah  an hour ago

    The best defensive training you can get to defend against multiple attackers comes from a track coach.

  • natural 9
    natural 9  3 hours ago

    It is crystal clear as mud

  • natural 9
    natural 9  3 hours ago

    Joe I blew my wad Rogan

  • Just a sec
    Just a sec  8 hours ago

    For general info: the taekwondo JR practised is World Taekwondo Federation style taekwondo (WTF) aka Olympic taekwondo. WTF teach to keep your hands down and not aim for aim for the face. Basically prepare you to get destroyed by a boxer. There is another style of Tkd : International Federation Taekwondo (ITF) that is as old as WTF and teach you to use your hands pretty much like a kickboxer and get you to condition them beaking boards. The switching of legs they use when they kick means they are very tricky when just boxing with. When someone says 'I do Tkd' always ask: which style?

  • gasho 69
    gasho 69  12 hours ago

    Bjj taught us to rape the enemy more the merry.

  • Gabriel Griffith
    Gabriel Griffith  12 hours ago

    These are for piano not hulk smash

  • Hedz High Productionz

    This thing is for piano not for hulk smash

  • mac berry
    mac berry  17 hours ago

    The Jack Reacher theory " the third guy always runs"

  • Methadras
    Methadras  20 hours ago

    Taking fighting advice from Eddie Bravo is equivalent to getting martial arts training from a mutant ninja turtle.

  • pquic
    pquic  21 hours ago

    if bone hardening is done correctly you can do it for many years without the nasty long term illnesses

    for example take look at Morio Higaonna almost 90 years old and still uses his finger with no problem also his hands do really look like hands :D but they're all good because of the correct recovery after the hardening training like using oils and rubbing out the haematomas also supplementing with glucosamine for the joints and calcium for microfractures from the hardening

  • Rose of Sharon Homestead

    As a women training I Jujitsu, I can tell you its Ideal for women. In particular in a attempt of Rape. I agree however that JUST Jujitsu in a street fight would not be ideal.
    In this case we women who Love out 2ed amendment Carry the Great Equalizer called a gun.

  • Breathing Canvas Tattoos

    Bring on Sijo James Demile OG Bruce Lee student

  • SECURITY 101
    SECURITY 101  yesterday

    Joe LOL, give me the analogy says the right hands coming wow ducking his head to his left, into the attackers right hand. SMH come on Joe you just got caught on the chin love you bro

  • P M
    P M  yesterday

    Most everyone who uses their first in a fight breaks their hand. Using your palm is just as effective and you won't break your shit. "It's meant for piano not halk smash" lol so true

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores  yesterday

    True a person who does not know how to fight will gas themselves out I boxed only amature when I got in to Street fights I'd use distant or walk them down with my hands up I didn't worry about my body because all a person who doesn't know how to do is head hunt so all u do is keep your hands up and tight for example watch winky right how he boxed that's an example of keeping hands up .

  • Ching chong Chinaman

    Judo / wrestling and boxing best ones for street defence.

    CHRIS DETERMAN  yesterday

    There are two kinds of Taekwondo. The large contributor to South Korean Taekwondo defected to North Korea when he saw that Taekwondo was becoming a sport. This General went on to make North Korean Taekwondo what he called a lethal art. At least that's from his opinion. But if you see the two Styles exercised there is some difference.

  • vpaczkowski
    vpaczkowski  yesterday

    I've been jumped 3 on 1 and 4 on 1 and in both instances when the first guy gets in trouble or hurt the others ran. I only have experience playing defensive line.

    SKATAN  yesterday

    is saw too many karate films as a kid and did this , my middle knuckle stands out and really hurts people when we fistbump

  • George Poindexter

    Fingers are for eye poking, mandible claws and face rakes. Wooo!