Bye For Now

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018
  • Need to take time to figure some thing out. Love you guys.


  • Emilee Guinn
    Emilee Guinn  7 days ago

    I hate that I'm watching this now after they had to change things again in October of 2019. I really hope they find their spark again and understand that we want them to be their happiest selves without feeling any pressure.

  • Thea AVERY
    Thea AVERY  14 days ago +4

    anyone watching this after the shane video October 2019??

  • J.J Martin
    J.J Martin  21 days ago

    Who here the day before they come back from their 2019 break.

  • XxMira_mira
    XxMira_mira  28 days ago +2

    who's here after their moving on video

  • Krisi Wurbanowa
    Krisi Wurbanowa  28 days ago +2


  • Jasmine Masters
    Jasmine Masters  1 months ago +2

    Anyone here after the need to make a change video😢

    YDDJAH  1 months ago +10

    Who’s here after the Shane Dawson and Dolan twins video ? 🥺✌️

  • gabi chokova
    gabi chokova  1 months ago +2

    and now... the Tuesdays are gone 💔💔💔💔

  • Fatema Senosy
    Fatema Senosy  1 months ago +3

    It's Time To Move On

  • Mar Mxl
    Mar Mxl  1 months ago +53

    Who else is here after their big announcement that they will leave from YouTube for a while?

  • call me icka
    call me icka  1 months ago +16

    Who came here after their "it's time to move on..." video with Shane? (October 2019)

  • Max Blackso
    Max Blackso  1 months ago

    So after your last video you just recently uploaded, I decided to binge watch some of your videos again to see where the decision might come from. So my assumption is that you guys are just under a lot of pressure and confusion, you compare yourself to other YouTubers and are scared to say the wrong things since most people are getting "CANCELLED" these days. I still love you very much

  • Lyra Kapadia
    Lyra Kapadia  1 months ago +10

    After it’s time to move on.........

  • Jojo Bee
    Jojo Bee  1 months ago

    When you're young you still think you can't work without having a passion for what you do. But the sad reality is, whatever you do on a regular base, even if it's your number one passion in life, quickly becomes a JOB. And jobs are exactly that; JOBS. So for the twins I'd say; You're so lucky to have YouTube as your income; as your job! And it's not just luck, it's all your hard work and dedication that has made it possible. YouTube has brought a big income for you, which is a blessing. But keep in mind; YouTube won't be around forever. Times change, people change, platforms change.. So push YouTube for as long as you can !! 'Cause I guarantee you, you won't do it forever. So try to enjoy it while it lasts - one day you'll look back and think how incredibly lucky you were, and how you miss those times!! You're living it right here, right now. So even if it feels like a job now, make the most out of it! In life we all need to have a job, and most of us have to do things we don't enjoy. And I guarantee that a low paid job is much harder and soul-killing than what you guys get to do right now! So enjoy it while it lasts, and make backup plans. Be wise with your money. Think what else you'd like to do, what next - time will pass by faster than you realize!

  • Hannah Stovall
    Hannah Stovall  1 months ago

    You guys are amazing❤❤❤❤

  • Emily Tyner
    Emily Tyner  1 months ago +3

    Ethan is me when in serious situations 😂 and who else is rewatching their videos ?

  • Mitchell Sherrard
    Mitchell Sherrard  2 months ago +1

    Oh! Well fuck you little bitches... Uuuhhhh....mmmmm...... GIVE UP ALREADY THEN!!!!! Fuck you and your you toob. GO OFF AND MAKE A REAL LIVING. Fuck off with your "growing up" with Louis Vuitton. YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE MAKING MONEY ON THIS SOCMEDIASHIT. Fuck you

  • Melody
    Melody  2 months ago

    2012? Anyone

  • Bre Taylor
    Bre Taylor  2 months ago

    Bro I just got this in my recommended and I thought they where quoting then I read that it was a year ago

  • Nada Al Ali
    Nada Al Ali  2 months ago

    Please don’t quit YouTube again please