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  • Published on:  Friday, April 20, 2018
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  • Katie
    Katie  a years ago +2367

    david having a regular job

  • gabrielle de la rosa
    gabrielle de la rosa  a years ago +514

    a criminal? oh no baby, you mean crimers

  • Abigail Gray
    Abigail Gray  a years ago +457

    anyone remember that one vlog where they blocked out any logos that didn’t sponsor them 😂

  • Capree Studios
    Capree Studios  a years ago +353

    Yall scared tf outta me talking bout some damn sleep paralysis

  • Jarred Sarpér
    Jarred Sarpér  a years ago +296

    Why sleep paralysis happens & how to stop it: Biochem major here :-) Every time you go to sleep, your brain tells your body's muscles not to move or contract so you don't act out your dreams and hurt yourself. Sleep paralysis happens when the conscious part of your brain wakes up but the area which paralyzes your muscles is still asleep. This induces in a state in which you are in between dreams and reality, and become susceptible to auditory and visual hallucinations.
    I literally had the same experience as Heath but the thing didn't talk and I could see it completely. I actually made a video about it on my channel if you wanna know more. But if you are caught in it, you will not have control over your body until it wakes up, however you do actually have control over the hallucination. So you can literally use your imagination to fight off things in the dream, though I've also read Lucid dreaming books where they claim it's a good idea to try to talk to the figure and find out why it's there instead of just driving it away..

  • Zena
    Zena  a years ago +2064


  • Click Bait
    Click Bait  a years ago +44

    i LOVE Zane and Liza's chemistry so much !!!

  • Princess A
    Princess A  a years ago +102

    Zane and Heath need to make a Podcast.. Coffee Talk with Zane and Heath !!!!!!!

  • belén xcx
    belén xcx  a years ago +139

    - did you think about me?
    - did i think about you? baby, i didn't think about you. i thought about beyonce.
    MOOD 24/7

  • MANA
    MANA  a years ago +404

    Baby can we have more scary stories?

  • monika k
    monika k  a years ago +1256

    zane: dyes his hair pink
    also zane: still wears a hat all the time

  • lesly nunez
    lesly nunez  a years ago +32

    Zane sitting in his 100 thousand dollar car: Save our money a little bit

  • TheHarmonian
    TheHarmonian  a years ago +46

    All I wanted was to watch a vlog before going to sleep. Guess I chose the wrong one, should have watched Carly and Erin...

  • kiley lawrence
    kiley lawrence  a years ago +316

    TEAM10 WHO???

  • ilujk
    ilujk  a years ago +71

    i’ve never had sleep paralysis.
    now i’m scared to have it..

  • Charry Heart 42
    Charry Heart 42  a years ago +31

    if you say "jesus help me" when the dream appens it stops... trust me.

  • Talia Villeda
    Talia Villeda  a years ago +34

    Hispanic parents always tell u it is the devil and how weak the conscious and soul are cuz the devil knows how distant u are from God or something like that

  • Chris Vallee
    Chris Vallee  a years ago +5

    *Garage Door Opens*

  • Mistress Whisper
    Mistress Whisper  a years ago +13

    Zane, I am a Registered Sleep Technologist. You woke up in REM sleep (dream stage). The heavy feeling on your chest is very common. This is a simple explanation. What you experienced was still being in a dream state while awake.

  • Briana Gavina
    Briana Gavina  a years ago +279

    “Crimers out there... People that do crimes” uhh you mean criminals Zane 😂