15 Things That Make You Look Like A Beginner Skater (And How Not To)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • Today we discuss how to not look like a beginner on a skateboard by showing you 15 habits/things that only beginner skaters do or that make you look like a beginner.

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    The List
    1. Mall grab (1:15)
    2. Setting the board on the ground with both hands (1:57)
    3. Pushing with your front foot perpendicular to the board (2:22)
    4. Pushing mongo (2:52)
    5. Picking the board up with your hands (3:35)
    6. Only skating in normal stance (3:57)
    7. Stiff legs while riding up and down ramps (4:22)
    - How to Pump: https://fapgem.com/video/VMjmyumy_Qk/video.html
    8. Performing flatground tricks while stationary (4:55)
    9. Not redoing tricks landed with tic-tacs (5:37)
    10. Always carrying a perfectly brand new board (6:21)
    - How to do Backside Boardslides: https://fapgem.com/video/cNdUq8ZVpXo/video.html
    11. Starting mini ramp runs from the bottom (6:53)
    12. Not rocking your mini ramp tricks enough (7:52)
    13. Repeating tricks too much during a run (8:23)
    - 10 Easy Mini Ramp Tricks: https://fapgem.com/video/M_L_9HSJkWc/video.html
    14. Not knowing how to fall gracefully (8:53)
    15. Using the terms 'frontside' and 'backside' incorrectly (9:21)
    - Frontside vs. Backside explained: https://fapgem.com/video/pAaB-rYF9S8/video.html

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  • brion burkett
    brion burkett  2 months ago +861

    Tip: if you don’t want to break bones or sprain your ankles, GO FAST. Learn all your tricks going fast. This requires you to learn how to fall correctly (rolling back up to being on your feet), but in the long run, your weight won’t be coming straight down but always forward. This means less gravity pulling on your ankles and knees and shins toward the center of the earth and more force pulling you diagonal and therefore into a slide or roll when you fall (fail).
    You will end up with more road rash but that’s better than being out for four months as your muscles waste away in a cast.
    Tip #2: if you do end up in a cast, take a supplement called Glutamine EVERY DAY. It limits muscle wasting (why your arm gets skinny in a cast) and maintains the strength of unused muscles (you’ll keep your muscle memory AND your muscles after your cast is removed!).

    Tip #3: Go fast. Get some good bearings (Bones Swiss are always a favorite staple). Go fast. Shred around and learn how to get the most out of your pushes. Go fast. It’s more fun and you feel all burly with the wind in your face roaring in your ears. Go fast. A skateboard is a toy. Never forget that. It’s meant to be a fun thing to play with. Soooooooooooooooooo
    GO FAST!

  • Alan Gawczynski
    Alan Gawczynski  2 hours ago

    Good video in terms of trying to curb other people's opinions about yourself in public. But let's get real! Skateboarding is NOT about being accepted by anyone. It's about that piece of wood, four wheels, and the thrill you get doing whatever it is you like on it. Who cares if people think you're a newbie because you "mall grab" or push mongo. Do your thang!

  • Sunny S Kupa Newman

    Not chill enough

    Nah bro luv u

  • canadain boy21 -graeme Graeme

    I can go up hills with my boosted board off who needs a none skateboard when u gotba electric board😎

  • canadain boy21 -graeme Graeme

    Its 2019! We don't care if ur a beginner or not I gotba boosted board I'll just show off with it

  • Pusshen Cheeto
    Pusshen Cheeto  17 hours ago

    Been pushing Mongo for 3 years I can do 8 stairs and tre flips how you push doesn’t matter

  • Juan 4Realz
    Juan 4Realz  yesterday

    "how to avoid looking like a beginner at the skatepark" fuck that. everyone sucks at first. it takes practice. and have FUN thats why we skate.... not looking cool. ITS FUN!

  • goku ssj4
    goku ssj4  2 days ago

    So when i fall its cuz i always miss my leg i use to push of to get it back on the board therefore i do a splits what is the best way to fall in this situation

  • Faithful Faith
    Faithful Faith  2 days ago +1

    so um.. what if you don’t have a skate park near you? or smooth pavement near you that isn’t a somewhat busy street...?

  • Jerrlito
    Jerrlito  2 days ago

    But I am a beginner

  • Walker Roberts
    Walker Roberts  2 days ago +1

    Tip to not look like a beginner: Don't be a beginner. Start out being a professional.

  • GachaGlassesGamer

    But what if I AM a beginner?

  • Angelica Rodriguez

    That fade tho

  • Kris De wee
    Kris De wee  4 days ago

    I skate mongo i do it all the time for me its easier to adjust on the board

  • paradise leaf
    paradise leaf  4 days ago

    Soory but the hair?!? Is weird

  • junglebug4 -
    junglebug4 -  5 days ago

    I’m not looking to learn cool tricks. I just wanna be able to go on a ramp, turn, ollie onto a curb, skate off a curb, and cruise at a fast speed.

  • UchihaObitoうちはオビト

    I'm a beginner but I found a easy way by picking up a board just hold 1 foot on the tail and make it like if you wanna drop in but you bend down a little bit and grab the board

  • Finn Hogg
    Finn Hogg  5 days ago

    My mans went 😳 the whole video

  • JasianTheAsian 8
    JasianTheAsian 8  7 days ago

    Yall carrying ur skateboards wrong

    use ur feet

  • nemcy duran
    nemcy duran  7 days ago


    Now that is the correct way