15 Things That Make You Look Like A Beginner Skater (And How Not To)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • Today we discuss how to not look like a beginner on a skateboard by showing you 15 habits/things that only beginner skaters do or that make you look like a beginner.

    The List
    1. Mall grab (1:15)
    2. Setting the board on the ground with both hands (1:57)
    3. Pushing with your front foot perpendicular to the board (2:22)
    4. Pushing mongo (2:52)
    5. Picking the board up with your hands (3:35)
    6. Only skating in normal stance (3:57)
    7. Stiff legs while riding up and down ramps (4:22)
    - How to Pump: https://fapgem.com/video/VMjmyumy_Qk/video.html
    8. Performing flatground tricks while stationary (4:55)
    9. Not redoing tricks landed with tic-tacs (5:37)
    10. Always carrying a perfectly brand new board (6:21)
    - How to do Backside Boardslides: https://fapgem.com/video/cNdUq8ZVpXo/video.html
    11. Starting mini ramp runs from the bottom (6:53)
    12. Not rocking your mini ramp tricks enough (7:52)
    13. Repeating tricks too much during a run (8:23)
    - 10 Easy Mini Ramp Tricks: https://fapgem.com/video/M_L_9HSJkWc/video.html
    14. Not knowing how to fall gracefully (8:53)
    15. Using the terms 'frontside' and 'backside' incorrectly (9:21)
    - Frontside vs. Backside explained: https://fapgem.com/video/pAaB-rYF9S8/video.html

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    Intro Music: ZEST - You. & Me?

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