Making Medieval Lipstick

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Pucker up! We're making medieval lipstick.  GMMore #1397

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  • Lauren Pinkie Pie
    Lauren Pinkie Pie  26 days ago

    I could probably do it better than all 3 of you guys... probably

  • Eduardo Alvarez
    Eduardo Alvarez  1 months ago

    Link has Herpes???

  • Thunderkrux
    Thunderkrux  1 months ago

    "theyr'e like candy"
    Do you eat dirt flavored candy?

  • Sarah Del Buono
    Sarah Del Buono  1 months ago

    How do you clean a mortar and pestle after using it to ground up cat poop, to then been used to make lipstick that you put on your lips....

  • Jessica Prokott
    Jessica Prokott  1 months ago

    I generally have no sense of smell

  • King Dippy
    King Dippy  1 months ago

    Wait, there are OTHER people in the world that can't smell anything at all? I seriously have had people tell me I'm full of it, but if there's ever a gas leak, I'm doomed cuz I won't know.

  • babyem
    babyem  1 months ago


  • mutt
    mutt  1 months ago

    always love when ellie comes in!

  • Isma Saeed
    Isma Saeed  1 months ago

    Link, that’s so true, in pharmacy school they do make u use a pestle and mortar even though pharmacists probably stopped using them 200 years ago 😂

  • PSpurgeonCubFan
    PSpurgeonCubFan  2 months ago

    Sorry guys. Fail. Still love you, but this was lame

  • Dogon Backwards
    Dogon Backwards  2 months ago

    Pestle wrestle

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty  2 months ago



    Link is so soft with Ellie :') it warms my heart

  • BopoH Bopoh
    BopoH Bopoh  2 months ago

    Lol Link making Ellie blush immediately.

  • Brandon Rankin
    Brandon Rankin  2 months ago


  • Aidyn Osborne
    Aidyn Osborne  2 months ago

    Just got back from your awesome concert at the nc state fair

  • Zach K.
    Zach K.  2 months ago

    Haha Ellie I totally used "wrestle" to correct Link in the main video, my thoughts are synchronizing more with the Mythical crew as time goes on

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear  2 months ago

    I’m crying with laughing 7:56 😂😂😂😂

  • Ann O'War
    Ann O'War  2 months ago

    THANK YOU ELLIE for the correct pronounciation of pestle!

  • Starke M
    Starke M  2 months ago

    Don't leave the vegetables in big chunks, give them a good chop before doing this.... The crew is sometimes really clueless!