GOTTA SEE IT: Kevin Durant Helped Off Floor After Apparent Leg Injury

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Kevin Durant had to be helped off the floor after he injured himself planting his foot down awkwardly and couldn't put any weight on his leg afterwards.---------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Sportsnet on YouTube - for more sports news and highlights - Follow Sportsnet on Facebook - Sportsnet on Twitter - Sportsnet on Instagram - Sportsnet on Snapchat - Sportsnet on Sportsnet Now -


  • MattBroncos 97  5 days ago

    I’m not a raps fan but loved it when Lowry was calming the fans down shows respect

  • Buckeye4life 440  2 hours ago

    ronalyn sabio Shut up and sit on my face

  • Abigail Finney  4 hours ago

    Same I agree its nice to still see sportsmanship today

  • My respect to Lowry, Green and Ibaka for asking the fans to not cheer. Never cheer for a player getting injured

  • furaha mwasila  9 hours ago

    Pitch Arunsuwannakorn true

  • Alex Hutcheson  5 days ago

    Wow... pressured back onto the floor too early. That's awful. Completely resets the clock on his recovery time

  • Adam Moreira  2 days ago

    Kevin Durant is now expected to miss all of next season.

  • David Osborne  2 days ago

    Alex Hutcheson he wasn’t pressured. Unlike Kawhi he wanted to play.

  • canadianuserthe  5 days ago

    What a foolish decision to play him. Hopefully Durant's Achilles is still intact

  • David Osborne obviously he plays if they medical staff cleared him, they gave him a green light

  • Sidharth D no they didn’t tf, they cleared him

  • Frank King  5 days ago

    It's been an Achilles injury all along. They been lying to us. KD held his Achilles not his calf

  • Mister Xbox  yesterday

    Sore calf can lead to ruptured achilles

  • YXNG MANNY  5 days ago

    not a warriors fan but hopefully prime durant doesnt go cause of this injury

  • fuk u subscibers  2 days ago

    Take the L

  • Management pressured him into playing... what a joke

  • (((management)))

  • Clorox Bleach  2 days ago

    GoBlue576966 "Durant is fine." "Pulling the puss card." *Has surgery on Achilles tendon the next day*

  • H20nas  5 days ago

    As a toronto fan, im apalled by how these people cheered his injury. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Speedy recovery to KD. 🙏

  • sabe the slayer  2 days ago

    That's a high five emoji

  • Brandon Colis  2 days ago

    ​@Javon Mcphee I agree. I think SOME might have cheered his injury, but the cheering sounded as if it was coming from MANY fans. I cannot see many fans doing that, and it is evident that after they led KD back to the locker room, the fans did chant his "KD! KD! KD!" Tells you something, doesn't it? I think it was either they cheered when he got back up (which I do not think was necessarily the case) or that someone else got the ball and scored a point. And why would the fans cheer for an inju...

  • Ben Mercer  5 days ago

    Sucks when players get injured. Fans want to see teams fully healthy, competing at their best. This finals has had too many injuries. Durant should not have played this game, it wasn't worth the risk. Hopefully he can heal up and be ready for next year, wherever he ends up.

  • EQ. Goat  4 days ago

    ryan bruhn yea probably 6 months to a year is the ideal recovery time for an Achilles because it’s a extremely serious injury that’s capable of ending careers, just like kobes

  • The Respect from Kyle, Danny and Ibaka turning down the Toronto Fans

  • DJh  3 days ago

    @The Phenomenal One bro was already hurt he made his injury worst by playing

  • Charlene Penetrante yeah they have respect